Last week, I was watching my Instagram stories feed and one of my friends shared this video of a guy named Prince Ea. He was accepting an award for Social Media Influencer of the year award from Black Enterprise. Prince Ea starts his speech off by saying “the word ‘influencer’ is interesting to me because it’s like we’re influencing people to do what? A lot of people call themselves ‘social media influencers,’ but you’re influencing people to do what? Is it to reach a level of beauty that is not attainable naturally? Is it to have people lust after cars or material objects that will never bring somebody true happiness? You know when you get pulled over, you’re drunk. They say you’re under the influence. A lot of people are intoxicated by what these influencers are putting out there. When you get sick, what [do] they say? ‘You’ve come down with influenza,’ because of what these influencers are putting out there. So, I just have one question for every influencer, because we’re all influencers, and that question is ‘when people leave your page, do they walk away better or worse?'”

Something about his speech really hit me. It was a short speech, but it was a very honest and powerful speech. When Prince Ea said “when people leave your page, do they walk away better or worse?” I felt that. It made me think of what I post on my blog and social media accounts. Are people walking away better or worse? I know I’m not everyone’s favourite and that’s okay, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I am not an influencer, nor do I consider myself one. I am not like the other bloggers I see on my Instagram feed. I don’t consider my blog a business (at least not yet). Companies have reached out to me to promote products, services or their company and I’ve always turned them down. It’s not because I think highly of myself, but because honestly, I don’t believe in their products. I don’t believe in promoting weight loss products. I don’t believe in promoting fitness teas. I don’t believe in promoting charcoal toothpaste. I don’t believe in promoting businesses and products that gain money off society’s standards of beauty. If you get approached to do that, by all means do it if you want to, it’s just not my thing. I didn’t create either of my blogs or social media accounts with the mindset of becoming famous or making money off it. Blogging to me has nothing but a creative and marketing opportunity for me. 

When I started my first blog, NINETYFOUR87, it had the similar content to what I posted now on ALSL, but then I got lazy and was busy working for the Blue Jays and my job was my main priority. The first couple of months was hectic. I was going back and forth and was busy with my professional life to take care of my first blog. I forgot to renew my Go Daddy subscription and my account was permanently deleted, thus meaning every blog post and every single content was deleted. Early July 2017 (maybe even late June), I knew I wanted to get back to blogging again. I wanted a creative space to share with others. I decided to keep NINETYFOUR87.com strictly for my clothing and lifestyle brand instead, so that meant I needed a new domain name. I brainstormed ideas for days, but I knew I wanted a meaningful domain and came up with A Life She Loved. To this day, I still don’t know my niche, because I just love everything, therefore created a lifestyle blog. I don’t think I’m good at everything, I try my best and work on it.

I’ve gotten DMs before when someone tells me that I shouldn’t post this or post that because “it will ruin your brand.” Everyone has a brand. You may have an online blog, or maybe you have an account on Instagram or Twitter, or maybe you’re a YouTuber – that’s your brand. Maybe it’s to post about your fashion looks, or maybe you make videos to make people laugh or tweet funny things. For me? What is my brand? I would like to think of “my brand” as living a life I love (hence my blog name). My brand is about living life to the fullest. My brand is to stay true to myself. My brand is to be happy. My brand is to be honest with myself and the wonderful people that read my blog and follow me online. My brand is to show the challenges life brings. My brand is to hope that it brings a smile to someone’s face. My brand is to be relatable. My brand is to be a good role model. My brand is to be my own person and not to change something because this person is doing this and that. I would like to think and would hope that my brand is welcoming for people to come and read.

Since the very beginning, my blog vision and mission statement has always been,A Life She Loved is a place for the food lover, the free spirited soul, the forever student, the Sports fan, the adventurer, the giver, the life lover, the Martha Stewart wannabe, the helper, the fashion lover, the little child in you. This is a place to share bits and pieces of my life, a place to share the highs and lows that come with adulthood, a place to share my passions, a place to make people laugh, a place to inspire someone to be the best person they can be.” That is why when Prince Ea said “when people leave your page, do they walk away better or worse?” I would hope anyone reading my blog or following me online walks away a better person. When I was younger, my Dad told me that he did not care what career I get into or if I’m this or that. He told me that the one thing he hopes for me is to be good person and to be a role model to someone, anyone, and to inspire someone to be a better person. So when I get messages saying they love this post and how it helped or when I post quotes or this or that, it makes me very happy. If there’s anything I would want from you guys, it’s to be good people to everyone, respect and be kind to everyone you meet and be your own kind of influencer.

I think it’s very important to be careful of what you post and share on social media. Once you post something, it’s there forever. In this day and age where anyone can have social media, I think it’s VERY important that if you have a platform, it’s to use it for the better good and promote good things only. There’s a lot of impressionable people out there and some may even look up to you, or want to be you, so I think it’s important to be a role model and inspire them to do good.

Thank you Prince Ea and your beautiful and powerful words for inspiring this post! Follow him here

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