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Welcome to A Life She Loved Blog! My name is Chrissy and this is my little space on the internet to share the things I love about life and a small glimpse into my life, my Career, my Business Ventures and Education. I am of Asian (Filipino and Chinese) and Spanish (and maybe Hawaiian too, not 100% sure) descent. I am the eldest child and only daughter, and I have two younger brothers.

I thank my family and friends for keeping me grounded and helping shape me into the person I am today

I’m your regular twenty something – Dog and Elephant lover (I may be biased, but Chow Chows and Sharpei and Saint Bernard dogs are the best!) – Nutella, Pizza, Chipotle, Ice Cream, Fries, Poutine and All Dressed Chips obsessed (not together and not in any particular order….I just love food and carbs) – Martha Stewart-Mindy Weiss-Becki Owens Wannabe, FRIENDS, The Office, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones binge watcher – a very gifted napper (my family and friends can vouch for this and tell you some interesting stories) – Pinterest addicted (sorry not sorry) – self proclaimed gamer who plays the same video games over and over again (Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Cart and Pikmin will forever be the best video games in video game history and I’m probably better than you at Fortnite and COD) – self-proclaimed Air Hockey and Speed (card game) Professional – I think I’m one of the few people on this earth that loves rain and waking up to rain – Water, Green Tea, Tim Horton’s Triple Triple coffee and Ice Capp drinker (don’t @ me, I’m Canadian) – Sports (Baseball and Basketball) Obsessed – Wannabe Professional Fisher – Professional Netflix Binge Watcher – hoarder of School Supplies and all things stationary items and have a slight obsession with planning, organizing and cleaning things with disinfecting wipes (it can’t be just “clean” it has to be “Chrissy clean”) girl from Canada. Phew! That was a mouthful! 🧐

If I had to describe myself, imagine Monica Geller, Chrissy Teigen, Chandler Bing, Cristina Yang, Gina Linetti, Ayesha Curry, Rory and Lorelei Gilmore as one person, that’s me! I’m either always smiling, laughing or giggling and I’m told my witty, salty, sarcastic manner is funny/interesting/entertaining, BUT I’m also the worst person when it comes to clap backs (Thanks Google for always having my back!). I’m a pretty low maintenance person, but I’m (super) extra like Chipotle’s Guac when it comes to planning and organizing anything from get togethers to school notes (I LOVE Martha Stewart and Mindy Weiss). I hate getting my photos taken and I do not like being the center of attention and I still think Ari Gold (Entourage) and Izzie Stevens (Grey’s Anatomy) are the most annoying TV characters of all time (sorry, but not sorry). I stopped playing with Barbies and Dress Up at a young age and fell in love with Sports. I grew up watching Basketball and Baseball at an early age (Vince Carter will always be my #1) and I also played Soccer until I got injured. I’m also told that I’m an easy person to get along with and that I’m a pretty social and fun person (I don’t think I’m that social….I’m soooo awkward and shy and just awkward in general) and people who first meet me think I’m quiet, but boy are they wrong once they get to know me, I may be 5’ or 5’1 but I’m also pretty loud (I’m one person you should never put on speakerphone)…. and sassy. And making the people in my life happy or laugh are my greatest joys in life! I’m pretty much a big goof ball that has random dance parties (my family, friends and coworkers can vouch for this too), but I can also be mature and serious when I have to be.

Growing up, all the Disney stories and movies I read or watched was all about the girl finding her Prince Charming and living happily ever after. But what if I didnt just want to find my Prince Charming and settle down? What if I wanted to become my own person first, establish myself and have a successful career of my ownI hate when someone tells me I cant do or be something. Telling me to settle only fuels my drive to follow my dreams. Never tell me I cant do something. Ill prove you wrong. I love proving people wrong.

As for my education, I still plan on furthering my education. I plan on pursuing a PhD degree and become a Researcher/Scientist. My goal is to work in the Neuroscience-Alzheimer-Concussion-Psychology related field. In my spare time, I also take online classes. I recently got accepted to take some Fashion-Marketing-Business online classes at Parsons School of Design. By taking these classes, it further helps me make smarter business decisions. I studied Sociology and Psychology during my undergrad.

My goal in life is to live and build a life I love. I dont want to live my life for other peoples entertainment. I want to be completely happy with my life and be surrounded with happiness and kindness.

I started a blog last year (2016) called NINETYFOUR87, but wanted to have that name specifically for a clothing line I plan to launch in a few years (so ALSL blog is my second blog!). I also plan to start a possible dog line for all my dog loving family, friends and readers, and I also plan start a charity foundation called For a Better Tomorrow Foundation

I dont want to just exist in this world. I want to live in it. I dont like 95s. I like the unexpectedI love the chaos and atmosphere working in Baseball. I love the long nights and the early mornings and getting to meet people from all over Canada and the world. I love the hustle and dedication working towards becoming a Scientist and launching a business. I love being multipassionate.

I’m young, I’m in my twenties, I don’t have any responsibilities to anyone but myself. I have my family, my friends, I have my academic career and my professional career, I have my business, I have my hobbies and passions. I’m living my life how I want to live it. I’m not living the life my parents or friends or how other people in my life (or strangers) think I should live. I’m being “selfish” – focusing and devoting my time and energy on my life, my academic and professional career. I live my life to fulfill my passions and do things that make me happy. This little space of mine on the great wide web called the internet is just that, A Life [I] Love.

Im inspired by the strong individual who is not afraid to speak their mind and fight for what is right and the truththe confidently beautiful who likes to empower everyone and is kind to everyonethe brave individual who is not afraid to take risks in life and does not believe in limitationsI believe in breaking the Glass Ceiling and challenging stereotypes.





We only have one shot to live our best life and thats exactly what I plan on doing

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