Hi, friends!!!!

Hope you are all doing well! I can’t believe it’s almost November! I’ve started working on my social and digital calendar for the next year and boy, oh, boy do I have a lot of work to do! I want you guys to have a say of what is posted, so at the end of this post, please feel free to fill in the survey and share what content you like and don’t like and what I should write about!

But before I do that, I thought about sharing some life and blog updates. I know I’m going to get asked this a lot in the future, so I should clear some things up. If you saw my Instagram story when I reactivated my account, then you already know this, but if you didn’t, I no longer work for the Blue Jays. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, I think people should mind their own business, I don’t think people should make people uncomfortable and I’m thankful for people alerting me. I will always be thankful for my time there and loved everything about it.

Secondly, I think everything happens for a reason. I have definitely learned a lesson and will not be sharing specific work or school related information like before (like where I now work or where I will be going to school in the future etc.). I’m thankful for all the past work experience and a new job opportunity.

Furthermore, I just want point out that I’ve been more than patient and nice to internet trolls, but it’s gotten out of hand and people need to stop. I do not mind if people read my blog and follow me because they like what I share, but I know that certain people follow, because it’s a hate follow and they have a hidden agenda. So, I’m kindly asking for the people who keeps on changing their IPs after I block their IP, to leave me alone. There is nothing for you here to see and read. In addition, I don’t know if your parents taught you what boundaries are, but some should l learn what boundaries are. Also, if a page is PASSWORD PROTECTED, it doesn’t mean you try hacking into it…. I sound like a broken record, I’m REALLY tired, I don’t have time for this, grow up, get an education, go volunteer…. I don’t know anymore, just please stop and leave me alone, please and thank you.

Lastly, before I post the reader survey, I just want to share that the next couple of months, or should I say now until the launch of NINETYFOUR87, life’s going to be pretty hectic. There’s work, business, personal, life and adulting, so it’s gonna be pretty hectic! I’ll be honest and say 90% of the blog and social media content will be scheduled beforehand and I’ll try to keep it relevant to daily life, so it may not always coincide to life events, so I do apologize in advance! I know this last point isn’t really necessary, but I just want to post this as a disclaimer, so to not sound insensitive to life events! 

Thank for reading and filling in the survey!


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