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Hope you’re all doing amazing today! I’m feeling under the weather, so I’m using my excitement for Spring Training next week as an inspiration to keep my head up and look forward to the 2018 season and keep me preoccupied! Today, I’m sharing the best “must try food” from the league! I don’t know about you, but visiting, watching a game at all 30 Ball Park and eating every stadium’s “must have food” is definitely on my Bucket List. I hope to cross more off away games this season! 

But before I share my favourite and “must try food” from the league, the league is having their inaugural Food Fest in New York next month! If you follow me on my food Instagram account @girleatscarbs, where I share my goodie finds in Toronto and of course sharing Rogers Centre goods, I posted this photo. On April 21 and 22, 2018, the first ever MLB Food Fest will take place in New York! There are two ticket options. The first option, like with every ticket, you get two hours of unlimited food samples from MLB Ball Parks across the league. The second option, the “Alcohol Ticket” meaning you get two hours of unlimited food sample from all 30 Ball Parks, but will also recover three beers from the league’s partner, Budweiser.

*Please note your 2 hours begin at the time on your ticket, not on your arrival*

At this event, every Ball Park picked their “best item” or an item they feel shows the level of culinary experience you would get while attending a game at their respective stadium. What are the Blue Jays bringing to New York? They’re bringing their delicious Big Smoke Jerk Chicken Nachos! YUMMMM!!!!

This event will be held at Centre 416 – 415 5th Avenue, New York, New York from 11 AM – 9 PM both days. This event is also completely indoors!


*Due to popular interest, this event is now sold out! 😢*

And now in no particular order (okay, I lied except for the first couple ones 😜), here are some of my personal favourite “must try food” from the league:



Are you more of a Chicken and Waffles type of person? Then, you gotta try this delicious Chicken and Waffles on a stick at T.O Street Eats, located at section 135 (near the Sportsnet booth). This delicious creation is by Executive Chef Elizabeth Rivasplata! Chicken and Waffles in one hand, and a drink in the other!? What a great way to watch Blue Jays Baseball! Just 12 MORE days until you can try these delicious goodies and see your Toronto Blue Jays!!!! _____________________ 📸 Credits @bluejays . . . . . . . #bluejays #toronto #Mlb #mlbfood #mlbfoodie #food #foodie #chicken #waffles #chickenandwaffles #416 #416food #416foodie #foodlover #ballpark #ballparkfood #ballparkfoodie #foodporn #foodlover #torontoeats #torontolife #torontofoodie #torontofood #torontofoodlover #torontobluejays #foodgasm #vsco #vscocam #vscofilter #torontofood #girleatscarbs #rogerscentre

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The sauce is boss. #MLBFood

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Could you go for this burger right now? #MLBFood

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“Napoleon, give me some of your tots.”

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Waffle fries … french fries with abs. #MLBFood

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🍔 better with an 🍳. #MLBFood

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I think you get the point right? Baseball and Food is the best thing ever? I, mean, the best sport (sorry Basketball, I still love you, don’t worry!) obviously has the best food. It goes hand in hand, it’s a perfect combination! I cannot wait to cross of these goodies I highlighted this season! Do you have any recommendations? Tweet me or send me an email with your recommendations!

That’s all for now…. ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL OPENING DAY! GO, JAYS, GO! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

*post not affiliated with MLB, nor was I asked by MLB or the Toronto Blue Jays to make this post*



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