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Hope you’re all doing well today! If you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Today, I’m just sharing a few of the things I’ve purchased on Black Friday! I saw a lot of deals, and couldn’t pass up the sales! I’m no makeup expert or beauty guru and still rely on YouTube videos to help me apply my makeup, but these are the same brands and products the experts recommend and use themselves/on their clients!

This set from Glamglow is one of my favourite purchases earlier today! I am a huge fan of the entire brand and love all their products. My favourite product from the entire brand is the SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment and I use it once or twice a week. It is on the steeper side price wise, but worth every penny! If you don’t want to commit to the full size treatment, I definitely recommend trying out the trial sizes first to see what works for your skin!


I usually wear this Daisy Eau So Fresh from Marc Jacobs or this fragrance from YSL. In the Daisy Eau So Fresh Gift Set, you get a 2.5 oz/ 75 mL Daisy Eau So Fresh, a 2.5 oz/ 75 mL Radiant Body Lotion
and a 2.5 oz/ 75 mL Bubbly Shower Gel. The scent is not harsh at all and smells amazing!

Y’all know I love the Fresh brand. I have been using their skincare line for over a year now and I’m a little obsessed! As someone who has very sensitive skin (I will write another post about this), their cleanser has worked wonders for me. I will admit I am not a fan of trying new things when it comes to skincare, but I have tried almost everything from Fresh, and I.AM.IN.LOVE! This set comes contains one 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Soy Face Cleanser, one 1 oz/ 30 mL Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask, one 0.5 oz/ 15 mL Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex, one 0.16 oz/ 5 mL Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate, one 0.07 oz/ 2.2 g Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment and 2  Colored pencils for drawing. If you have sensitive skin like me, I definitely recommend trying out their trial sizes first, and if all goes well, upgrade to the regular size!

After my little lip incident with Burt Bee’s (thanks for those that replied back to my story and for all your help and recommendations!), I used vaseline, Baby Lips and found this set from one of my favourite beauty brands, Fresh. I love all the different shades and these are nourishing, it will protect, and smooth your lips! No one wants to have or kiss chapped lips! This set contains 3 different shades of pink – one shade is similar to a pink blossom, one is hot pink and the last one is a sheer rose shade.

And for the gents, Sephora has a sale for you too! I picked up this Dolce & Gabbana set. The scent is not musky or Axe like and smells amazing! This is a perfect gift for your brother, a cousin, your Dad, grandparent or a special man in your life.

This is what I have purchased so far and if I find anything else I like and end up purchasing, I will be adding to this page as the day goes by!

PS – For my Canadian readers/bookworms/Wannabe Chefs, Indigo has a great sale going on! And their cookbooks are (most) $7 and this deal is only available online only!

Happy Shopping everyone!




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