Hey, y’all!

Happy Monday! Hope y’all are doing great today! (I’m gonna keep saying y’all cause it pisses boys off 😂🙃). Today, I’m sharing my favourite apps that I use in my daily life. I hope these apps can help you with school work and more!

In no particular order, here are some of my favourite apps that I have on all of my devices. These apps have definitely helped me through school, work and business life. They help me stay sane, safe, organized and productive.

Lecture/Note Taking Apps

If you have any Apple device, you automatically have the “Notes” App. This is a great app to type out lecture notes, assignments, typing out study notes and more. It’s nothing fancy and does the job

Another option is purchasing a Microsoft Subscription. You’ll get apps like OneNote, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint. Depending on your school, you may already have a subscription.

Another Apple app is “Pages.” It’s the Apple version of Microsoft Word. You can customize it to your liking and it’s pretty fairly easy to use. Keynote and Numbers are the Apple equivalent Microsoft apps.

EverNote is another great app to type out assignments and lecture notes. It’s similar to the Notes app and there’s also an option to purchase more storage. I’ve used it in the past, but I’ve been using the Notes app more recently since it is easier and does the same thing.

Goodnotes is an app where you can write/draw out your notes digitally and have the option to print them out. This would be a great option for graphics and diagrams.

If you’re like me and like to record lecture notes, I recommend purchasing a voice recorder or downloading an app like SoundNote.

Need a reminder?

Obviously for Apple users, the “reminders” app is a great option. You don’t have to download other apps, it syncs with your other apple devices (as long as it is the same icloud email). 

Another option would be to download a stickies/sticky note app. I have 6 stickies on my Mac and iMac desktop to help remind me of my to do list. While this option may not notify you, it is in plain sight for you to see and you can go back to it throughout the day.

Organizational/Planning Apps

For work, personal, school and business planning, I LOVE Trello. It is my favourite app to plan things out, make lists, brain store etc. 

I’ve always been a physical agenda type of girl. I just love going to Indigo and getting an agenda for the school year and writing in them and planning out my days. But for a digital planner, I’ve always used the calendar app on my Apple devices. It’s easier, hassle free, syncs to all my devices and stress free.

Revision Apps

For revising notes, I’ve always loved OmniGraffle, StudyBlue and GoConqr. You can make flash cards, charts, mind maps, notes and quizzes.

Exam Prep Apps

BenchPrep is a good app to talk with other students who are taking the same exam or see past exams from different schools. Whenever I had an exam, I would study my study notes, lecture notes, study past tests and I would just google my school name, the course and teacher, and if you are lucky, previous exams have been posted to study from/get an idea of what to expect.

I do recommend studying things off your lecture notes and if your Prof sent out a study guide, work on that guide, study past tests and assignments, listen to previous lectures (if you recorded them) and study your textbook. Exams are not always the same and you don’t want to be caught off guard!


These are a must for me! Whether it’s to double check spelling, grammar, or citing my work, these apps are life saver!!!!

Dictionary and Thesaurus apps are pretty much self explanatory. These apps are a must regardless of your degree.

EasyBib is a great app if you need to cite your sources! So easy to use and will save you the stress and don’t want to be accussed of plagarism!

Group Work

If you have a group assignment or work related task and need to collaborate, I personally recommend Trello and Slack. You can assign tasks to certain people, assign due dates, make checklists, make comments and more! I use these app for ninetyfour87, blog work, work and more and I love how I can see everything I have to do.

Healthy Eating

I don’t have any experience with healthy eating apps, so I asked my friends and they recommend My Fitness Pal and Lose it! I personally don’t like diets, I just like to think to eat in moderation. After my past, I really don’t want to go through that road again where I don’t pay attention to my health, starve/forget to eat and in and out of the hospital. It’s taken me a while to learn and accept this but you have to take care of yourself and that eating is not a chore. 

Healthy Lifestyle

I am not a Fitness junkie by any means but here are some fitness apps I love and use. Some require subscription, but most are free.

Nike Training App is like having your own personal trainer. From strength to endurance training, this app has it all.

The FitBit app is great because I can track my steps, if I’m meeting my goals, sleep patterns, menstrual cycle and more. I love my FitBit and it has helped me make better fitness choices.

Carrot is an app I use where if you meet your daily goals, you get points added to your scene card. It also has tasks for you to complete and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Workout Apps: I have Barre3 (needs a subscription), Sweat (BBG/needs a subscription) and 8fit downloaded on all my devices. I also have yoga apps downloaded when I just need to meditate. I’ve been doing Barre on and off for 1-3 years and I love it. I don’t have time to go to the studio physically with my schedule, so I do these at home. The Kayla Istines’ BBG app is great. I really should take more advatange of this app since I do pay for it and I’ve seen lots of success from friends and the BBG community.

Social Media Apps

Linkedin is a great social networking app for professionals. This will help you network with with professionals in your respective field. Please don’t be that person that adds everyone or lies/fibs about their resume.

Twitter and Instagram are great apps to use for marketing your brand. Be aware that you should be very careful of what you post and share online, these things can come back to hunt you. Market your brand, don’t lie, be yourself and be respectful to everyone.

I’m gonna add Snapchat only because you may need something on your spare time and want to send funny moments to your family and friends and keep them updated. If you have a following and don’t mind others seeing your stuff, you can make it public or having a separate account just for family and friends and those that follow your brand.

Mental Health

Headspace is the only mental health app I have downloaded. It’s mission is to “to improve the health and happiness of the world.” It helps you meditate, deal with stress, helps you sleep better and more.

I’ve had anxiety for a couple of years now, but after a couple of the incidents this past year it got worse. When I’m ready, I’ll maybe talk about it on the blog, but for now headspace when I am alone and need a breather and going seek help from a Professional have really helped me. 


You’re in school, you want to hang out with friends and there may or may not be drinking. If you had too much to drink, remember to NEVER drink and drive! If you are out with friends and one of you get separated from the group, there are apps to protect you.

Uber or another transportation app is a must because again, don’t be stupid and don’t drink and drive!

Companion works with your phone number and notifies your contacts/companions in case something happens to you, it will text them with a GPS enabled map that can find you. Your contacts/companions do not need to have this app downloaded in order for them to get notified! I can also call the police directly. 

Circle of 6 is another trusted app. Circle of 6 works by letting you choose 6 trusted people and sends them notifications if you are in a bad situation. You can pre-program a SMS message and it will send your current location to your trusted 6. 

DrunkMode is a great app if you tend to text and you are drunk. Avoid making bad decisions by downloading this app! You can select contacts that will be blocked and you cannot contact them after 12 hours, like the Apple “Find my device” app, this app features a “Find my drunk” and also shows where you were the night before

Other Apps

On my iPod, I keep it simple. I like to download Podcasts, listen to songs, have workout apps and games. I really encourage you all to find something to help you feel less stressed – whether it’s listening to your favourite artists or listening to a podcast or playing games, download something for downtime.

My favourite Podcasts: It’s not for everybody but I love KFCRadio, I Am Rapaport, Pardon My Take, Baseball related podcasts and TED Talks. There’s a few more, but the above are the ones that I listen to the most.

My Spotify Profile

My favourite games: Bloons TD Battles is my favourite game on my iPod. It can be pretty competitve and boys will say you’re too aggressive and competitive at this game, but do you boo 😉🙃. I have Fortnite downloaded, but I play it on PS4 or on my Mac/iMac and boys will complain if you beat them or that you “cheated” or were “distracting” so play these games for a good laugh. 

WARNING: if you are playing against a boy, there is a good chance you will see them cry 😂 

I also have these same apps on my phone and iPad and syncs automatically and I love it.

I’ll be adding to this post if I think of any more helpful apps for you to download! If I missed anything or want me to add anything, feel free to send me an email ( or DM me on Twitter




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