Start a Blog

Watch a Baseball game at every MLB Ball Park

Go swimming with Sharks

Have my Palm Read

Go to all the Disney Theme Parks

Boil a Live Lobster

Cook Christmas Dinner

Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

Toss Pizza Dough in the Air

Write a Cookbook

Live in London, UK

Live in Paris, France

Visit all 7 continents

Get a fish pedicure

Be a tourist in your own city

Find a Pearl in an Oyster

Learn to Juggle

Marry my best friend

Win a Stuffed Animal at a Carnival

Go Ziplining

Ride a dog sled

Explore a cave

Get a tattoo

Go bamboo rafting

Jump off a cliff

Go parasailing

Ride in a hot air balloon

Swim with dolphins

Walk a suspension bridge

Build a House With Habitat for Humanity

Do 24 Hours of Silence

Do a random act of kindness

Go sorbing

Bathe an elephant

Feed a crocodile

Feed a koala bear

Feed a shark

Feed an ostrich

Relax in a natural hot spring

Travel the world with my love

Ride in a horse and carriage

Go shrimping

Sleep in an igloo

Stand under a waterfall

Swim with a school of fish

Watch a sunrise

Go whale watching

Witness a solar eclipse

Sing a karaoke duet

Throw a surprise party

Publish an academic book

Publish a lifestyle series

Have kids

Start my own business

Knit a scarf

Work on a pottery wheel

Have a song written about me

Attend a Masquerade

Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

Attend a Film Premiere

Attend a Gallery Opening

Attend a Wedding in a Different Country

Be a Member of a TV Studio Audience

Dance With Ellen Degeneres

Get a Caricature Drawing by a Street Artist

Go to a Drive-In Movie

Host a Game Night

Join a Flash Mob

Meet Martha Stewart

Play Bingo at a Bingo Hall

See a Ballet

See a Broadway Play

See a TED Talk Live

See the Tour de France

See a Wimbledon Match Live

See an Opera

Set a Guinness Book of World Record

Throw a themed party

Watch all the Oscar Winning Best Pictures

Watch all the Golden Globe Winning Best Pictures

Watch the Space Shuttle Launch

Wear a Sumo Wrestling Suit

Dance Party