Last week, my friend and I were just lounging around before Game 3 of the World Series watching Snapchat and Instagram stories when we saw a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger’s Instagram story. To say it was disgusting would be an understatement. I’m not big on following bloggers and influencers online, so I don’t know the whole story of what was said and done on both sides. I don’t want to post her account for her privacy sake even though she’s a well known blogger, but will sum up what was said. She begins by talking about her beautiful twin babies. By looking at her account, she’s a fashion blogger from Utah, has a beautiful home and lives there with her husband and 4 kids. By briefly looking at her account, she is family oriented, loves to run and has a good fashion sense. She has a beautiful family, her eldest, a daughter, followed by her son and then her twin babies, a boy and a girl. They’re beautiful and healthy children. She starts her story by talking about the internet trolls who were calling her children obese, overweight, special needs. These internet trolls called her a horrible Mom, they called her twin babies overweight and obese and made fun of her children’s appearance, saying they looked special needs or maybe they the product of incest. I mean, how pathetic of a human being do you have to be bullying not only adults, but also children! This isn’t internet trolling, this is full out bullying. I don’t know why anyone would have not only the time, but energy, or the idea or the stomach to do this. I don’t know how a decent human being could do this to another human being, a parent, children, babies. I don’t think just because someone puts their life out there, does it mean you are entitled to criticize them. I am all for free speech, but when you are making someone feel uncomfortable, you are making them doubt themselves, then no, I don’t agree with it. I think there is a big difference when someone gives you feedback where you can use it as a guideline, or as a suggestion on how you can improve, but criticizing someone to the point of bullying and harassing them, is a BIG NO. It’s gross. It’s like why would you do that?

It’s no secret I’ve had my fair share of bullying and internet trolls. I will never understand what I did to warrant it. Honestly, I can’t wait to go back and do my PhD. I can’t wait to research this illness and hopefully find a cure. I will never understand why anyone would go out of their way to do something like this. Being curious is one thing, but this is not being curious, it’s an obsession, it’s an illness, possibly a mental disorder. There’s no way people do this because they are bored – regular people don’t do stuff like this because they’re bored. I’m not an expert, nor am I a licensed Physician or a licensed Scientist yet to diagnose this illness, but I will be proposing this for my dissertation, research it, conduct studies and see how we can treat it. I have read previous Scientific studies that have shown and proved bullies, internet trolls are nearly as likely to have a mental disorder. Another study I read, talked about how bullying affects health and well being. Those that were bullied had a higher risk of mental health problems, headaches and long term damage to self esteem. I have anxiety myself, I was depressed from all the harassment and bullying I got, to this day I still am scared to go out. I don’t think mental health is a laughing matter. I am very passionate about mental health and mental illness and finding a cure. If this was my child that was living a double life and harassing people online, I’d be very disappointed. I would’ve failed as a parent. I would be disgusted with their actions. I can 100% guarantee that if these trolls’ parents found out, they’d be disappointed too. I don’t think it’s ever okay to make someone feel scared and uncomfortable.

Lesson from this post?  Words and actions hurt, be kind to everyone you meet.


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