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Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing my favourite face and eye mask. Boy, do I love a good mask after a long day! I don’t wear makeup daily because (1) It takes too long and I’m lazy (2) It takes too long (3) I’m not that good at it (4) When I do wear makeup, it takes me like 1-2 hours to do it because I’m still learning. I’ve spent an absurd (and embarassing) amount of money at Sephora that sometimes I just don’t want to talk about it and just want to forget (someone take my card away from me). I love to apply masks before I take a shower. I get into some comfy lounge wear, make Green Tea, apply the mask, watch some Netflix or read a new book, seriously, I’m living and loving life at that moment. Below are my favourite Eye and Face Masks you can find at Sephora. This is not a sponsored posts, these are items I have been using for months to a few years now!

Eye Masks

1 | If you’re on a budget, these are worth purchasing! Reasonably priced and a variety of options.

2 | If you purchase these on the Canadian Sephora site, it is around $60 (so basically $1 for each eye masks) and worth every single penny! 

3 | These are on the higher end of the price range, but your skin will feel so soft and “brighter” that you just want to keep using them!

If I could recommend one of the 3, I personally would recommend the second option! It’s reasonably priced, think about it as $1 per mask, will leave your skin softer and brighter!


Face Mask

1 | Purchased this item a couple weeks ago and so far so good. I personally recommend wearing this mask overnight for more hydrated skin!

2 | MY FAVOURITE THING EVER!!!! SERIOUSLY CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS! You can also use this as a deep cleanser, so for the price, you’re getting your money’s worth! I also love the mini version of this mask when I’m on the go. 

3 | I used this mask last year and it made my skin feel really soft. Reasonably priced if you are on a budget.

4 | I love pore strips. They’re fun. Boys don’t, which makes this mask one of my favourite masks I own. I love that feeling when you peel it off and you get all the yucky stuff off your face. Maybe that’s just me? 

5 | I have a love/hate relationship with Glam Glow. Don’t get me wrong, I love the product, but the only thing I hate is that it dries up pretty fast and if you use more than one mask, there may be times you forget to use this item and after a few weeks, it is all dried up. It’s a good item to purchase and will leave your skin feeling smooth (you can also use it as a spot treatment as well), as long as you remember to actually use it!

6 | It’s on the higher price range, but worth it if you want hydrated skin! If you are always on the go, I recommend this mask!

If I could only recommend one face mask from above, I would recommend the second mask. Price wise and all the benefits to your skin, this is my all time favourite!


If you’re like me and HATE wasting things, I recommend purchasing and using a face mask applicator like this one!

If you have any mask recommendations, let me know! 



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