Hi, friends!!!! Hope you’re all doing good today! I often get asked how I can accomplish everything and do everything on my to do list, so I’m sharing my morning routines to get my ready for the day!

SET A ROUTINE | Once a week, I like to organize my thoughts and everything I need to do for the week and any upcoming projects, events etc. I like to do all my chores on my spare time – clean my home, disinfect everything, get everything I need during the week. Getting everything I need for the week and organizing my thoughts and my to do lists helps me feel at ease, organised and helps me feel anxiety free. 

ALSL TIP | if you can’t finish up all your chores in one day, plan to tackle it one by one. For example, if you’re in school and need to work on some homework, run a laundry cycle while you’re doing homework, so after a set time, you can just put it in the dryer and go back to do your homework, same goes for the dishwasher. 

PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE | I like to get everything I need ready the night before. If you meal prep, get all that ready. If you’re like me and like to sleep in and hate picking out an outfit, plan your outfits for the next day, week or month out – trust me, this saves you A LOT of time and headache in the morning! Get your bags ready the night before. Get your keys, cards and anything you need ready to go. By preparing everything the night before, you’ll save yourself A LOT of time and maybe you can even sleep in for a few more minutes!

ELIMINATE SCREEN TIME BEFORE BED | I’m going to add this in because it’s VERY important and I’m so guilty for not following this rule. Laptops, phones, iPads, TVs emit blue light, which can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Eliminate screen exposure an hour or two before bed and read a book instead! 

ALSL TIP | Read a book – not an article on your phone or on the iBooks app, listen to some calming music.

GET YOUR 8 HOURS | According to the National Institute of Health, the average adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep every night to function at their best, while children and teenagers need more. I love my sleep, I like to nap (anyone else take a nap before showering or is that just me?). While I was in University and when I used to work for the Blue Jays, I was definitely sleep deprived. Waking up early to do homework, getting to class and getting ready for the day and sleeping late to study and do more work, it was exhausting and I was getting very little sleep. Working in Baseball, it was A LOT of loooong nights and very early mornings (do not miss that), I got even less sleep. After my last day and now, boy oh boy am I getting my recommended sleep and more! 

ALSL TIP | Wear an eye mask (I love this one!), drink green, chamomile or lavender tea, read a book.

KEEP YOUR ALARM AWAY FROM ARMS REACH | I tell everyone this. DO NOT keep your alarm, whether it be an alarm clock, your phone etc., on your night stand. Keep it far away from you, so that when your alarm goes off, you have to physically get up to turn it off and you’re awake and somewhat alert. 

ALSL TIP | I have my dock with my alarm set across the room. Have I ever bolted out of bed and almost tripped? Yes, but at least I never missed work, school or anything I have scheduled for the day.

MORNING ROUTINE | I’ll write a more detailed post about my morning routine at a later date. One of the first things I do in the morning is drink green tea (healthier alternative to coffee) and I also recently added this to my routine. When I actually follow through with the steps above, I’m very well rested and get more accomplished.


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