Before I start with my opinion post, I want to start by saying this is my personal opinion. My blog and other accounts I own are not, nor affiliated with my employer etc. This entry post is my personal belief and opinions. If you do not share a similar opinion, it is your right to have that opinion. We are all allowed to have opinions. It is your right to believe in something, like it is my right to believe in something. 

Imagine if Sports leagues cared about punishing the racists, homophobes, rapists, abusers, bullies, drug users like Colin Kaepernick has been punished for his peaceful protest?

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”

I do believe Colin Kaepernick has sacrificed a lot in his professional life to make stand for what he believes in. He believes on shining a light on racial injustice in America and police violence against African-Americans by kneeling during the National Anthem. I also think it’s very hypocritical when football fans who have bashed, threatened, bullied Kaepernick and any other players that had taken the knee in past NFL seasons. When you are at home watching the game and the national anthem is on, you better be up standing and singing the anthem, instead of sitting down on your couch if you’re gonna complain and ridicule Kaepernick and any other players who have also participated in the peaceful protest. These are the same people that claim Kaepernick is “being disrespectful,” but go online and threaten him, burn his jersey or any players’ jersey that took a knee, publicly (some via a troll/spam account) tweet racial slurs etc. Kaepernick has every right to exercise his first amendment rights to make a peaceful protest. Just like you and everyone else has the right to disagree. There’s a BIG difference between freedom of speech and just being an a**hole. Kaepernick has also recently been named Nike’s “Just Do It” poster boy. The same Nike multimillion (multibillion?) company that preaches about “equality and fairness,” while most of their products are manufactured in sweat shops and their employers are paid low wages. While I do believe and support Kaepernick’s right for a peaceful protest, personally I think signing this Nike deal is very contradicting to his protests. He sacrificed playing football to stand up for his beliefs, but contradicts the “believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” by signing a deal with Nike where he’s getting paid millions. By monetizing his peaceful protest, it mocks “sacrificing everything.” What about those who lost their lives due to police brutality? What about their families? They’re the ones that lost their loved one. Where’s their story?

I believe there are good cops and there are bad “dirty” cops. There are good people in this world and there are also bad people in this world. There are good Catholics, there are also bad Catholics. There are also those that go to church every Sunday and pray everyday and those that don’t pray or believe in a religion – it doesn’t mean either one is “better” than the other. The colour of your skin does not make you “more superior” than another, nor does your education and physical appearance make you “better” or “more beautiful” than another. Do I believe taking the knee is disrespectful? No, I do not. I personally don’t think there is nothing wrong with having a peaceful protest to stand up for what you believe in. This video pretty much sums up what I believe in. Do I believe there are abuse of authority by the unwarranted infliction of excessive force by personnel involved in law enforcement while performing their official duties? Yes, I do. I don’t believe just because you are in uniform you are “better” or “superior” than others. Do I believe that some, not all, police officers use their job, badge, uniform and the right to have a gun and take advantage of it? Yes, I do. I believe there have been many incidents in the past couple of years where a police officer have used excessive force and possibly miscommunication thus resulting in the death of an innocent person. Do I believe that all police officers and those in uniform are all bad? Of course not. A lot of them are really good people. Do I think there is something wrong with how certain incidents with POC of colour have been treated and handled? Of course there are or those innocent people would still be alive. Do I think they need to improve their communication and training? Yes, I do and by doing this, innocent lives would be saved instead of lost. Do I believe that those who continue to bash those in uniforms are wrong? Yes, because not every person in uniform is bad and if you were in any trouble, you would call for them to help you. I can see why people are having trouble trusting those in law enforcement due to past incidents, but a lot of them are good people – they want to help and protect you and keep your neighbourhood safe.

It’s not just the NFL that continue to contradict themselves. There are certain leagues and certain Sports teams that continue to contradict themselves. There are teams who state they are against domestic abuse – claim to have a zero tolerance for domestic abuse, but will sign a player who has been accused of physically assaulting their significant other and their trial is still ongoing. You can’t say you have a zero tolerance policy and say you will bring more attention to raising awareness to women shelter’s and domestic abuse survivors, BUT are willing to overlook someone who assaulted their significant other, as long as it can help them win another championship. I don’t know about you, but I would rather lose that player, keep my fan base and repair and (re)earn the trust of fans and go through a rebuild and win a championship that way, instead of selling my soul to the Devil and losing the trust of my fanbase. What’s the point of winning without having fans? There are also teams to claim they believe in equality, but their team’s logo is racist and offensive. And there are also teams in certain leagues whose players have taken advantage of girls, but were willing to sweep it under the rug because he was one of their star players. There are also other leagues and teams who say they are for equality – in gender, believing women should be allowed to play and earn a decent or similar pay; in sexual orientation believing that those who are in the LGBTQ+ community should not be judged and should be freely open about their sexual orientation; in colour, believing that people are equal regardless of the colour of their skin or where they come from. While I do believe that not everyone in Sports are bad people, in fact there are a lot of good people in sports and worldwide, I do believe that there are racists, rapists, homophobes, abusers, bullies and drug users in every league, just like anywhere in this world. I do believe that certain platforms are just for a marketing purpose and at the end of the team’s day of [insert cause], it is over. I personally believe that teams should only be participating in these “cause nights” if they truly believe it. It obviously makes sense in a PR/Marketing standpoint, but I believe that if you truly do not believe in a cause and are just doing it for a PR/Marketing standpoint, it doesn’t really mean anything. What’s the point? Good for you for hosting [insert cause] night, but what else are you going to do afterwards? How else are you going to help? How are you going to help those that are discriminated against because of their ethnicity, the colour of their skin, or their sexual orientation? How are you going to help those that have been abused? You can’t claim to support [insert cause] and not do anything afterwards. Believe in something? Make it a mission for the team and fans to help raise awareness. As for me, I believe players should be allowed to practice peaceful protests and should not be threatened to stop or lose your job. I believe domestic abusers, drug users, rapists etc., should be banned and should not be allowed for another chance. I believe teams and players should be held accountable for their actions. You are the face of your organization, you have young children who look up to you. Set a better example. I believe this is the same for everybody regardless of your education, job, how you look like etc. Treat everyone with respect, love everybody, be kind.

“Practice what you preach, or change your speech.”



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