This blog post was inspired by a recent DM I got. It read “you’re clearly putting on a front when you say you’re all for equality[.] You claim to hate Trump [but] on your blog[,]  [you said] you’re a Conservative [and] you also support and follow Jordan B. Peterson[.] Clearly[,] you’re just like them.”

I’d like to start this post by stating the facts first before I get into all the details. Also, if you follow NINETYFOUR87’s Instagram account, then you saw a summarized version of this post! The only time I’ve ever addressed that I was a Conservative was from this blog post. I did an Instagram Q & A (I swear these bring out the trolls or something) and this was sent in “WHY DO YOU KEEP COMMENTING ON AMERICAN POLITICS? UR NOT EVEN AMERICAN. YOUR OBVS A LIBERAL.”

To which I replied,

Sweetie, yes I know I’m a Canadian – I’m a PROUD CANADIAN. I can comment on American politics because (1) I have the right to do so…. It’s a free country (2) because if America gets (f*cks up) into trouble because YOUR President is all talk, Canadians are unfortunately going to get involved. Yes, you have the right to be Conservative and vote for whoever you want, I will not deny you your right to support whoever you choose to support, I will even defend your right to free speech and see the human in you. Just because we do not see eye to eye on things, it does not make either of us “better” or “right” compared to the other. Yes, I am Canadian, I am also a Canadian Conservative, not a Liberal. Just because I am Conservative does not mean I support everything they do or voted for them in recent elections – I vote on who I think will lead Canada to the best of their ability and do good for Canada as a whole.

I, mean besides the use of “ur” and “obvs” (ugh, pet peeve), this question really irked me. Not only was it ignorant, it’s like REALLY!?!? It’s ignorant in many ways. It’s ignorant because just because I’m a Proud Canadian, it does not mean I shouldn’t be educated in American Politics. It’s ignorant because they assumed that because I do not like Trump, I am automatically a Liberal. There is nothing wrong with being Liberal, but their assumption was ignorant and unwarranted. It’s ignorant because when they say “you’re just like them [because you’re Conservative and read JBP’s book], they group you/stereotype you into what they think all Conservatives do. It’s ignorant because this individual who I shall not name, does not seem to understand that if anything happens in America, more often than not, Canada gets dragged into their mess. I and any other Canadians have the right to comment on American politics because (1) it’s a free country (2) we’re neighbours, we’re going to be involved regardless whether we like it or not.

I don’t want to out any of my loved ones political preference because it’s really no one’s business, but I and those that are also Conservative, do not believe and support everything that the Conservative Party of Canada claims they will do for Canada. Just like with everything in life, you’re not always going to 100% agree with things. Just because you’ve voted Conservative in the past, it does not necessarily mean you will vote Conservative in the upcoming election. It’s a very ignorant and close minded way of thinking that just because they, meaning those that vote Conservative, all act like this or they all do this, it’s just wrong.

Secondly, I wanted to address my dislike of POTUS. I do not like him, nor do I support what he says and does. I think he’s spoiled, I think he’s sexist, I think he’s a liar, I think he’s disgusting, I think he’s a racist, I think he’s a lot of things. I don’t like how he’s treats/ed people, or how he handles certain things, but just because I don’t like him, it does not give me the right to wish him ill feelings. If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve tweeted things disagreeing with him or the things he’s said and done, I’ll own up to that, but never have I or will ever wish ill things upon people. Yes, he’s done terrible things since he’s been/before he was in office, but I’ve also seen individuals who publically wished horrible things upon him. If you read that last sentence and said something along the lines of “well, he deserves it,” shame on you. You don’t like him? Fine. Peacefully Protest. Peacefully fight for your beliefs, but don’t ever wish ill things to someone you don’t like. Do you remember what happened less than two weeks ago? Do you remember what person who shall not be named sent to Democrats who did not agree with POTUS? The hate, the anger, that has spread not only in the States but all over the world, it has to stop. My parents taught my brothers and I to always respect everyone we meet regardless who they are. If you support POTUS and his beliefs, I will still treat you with respect, I will still continue to see the human inside of you, but it does not mean I agree with you. You have the right to an opinion and I will respect your opinion. I’m not going to call you names because I’m an adult, not a child. All these immature banter you see and hear between people, it’s honestly getting so old, it’s like REALLY!?!? You’re how old and you’re calling people this and that? It’s not even just one side doing it, it’s both sides. 

Last, but not least, Jordan B. Peterson. For those that don’t know who Dr. Peterson is, he is a Canadian Clinical Psychologist, a Professor of Psychology at University of Toronto, a public speaker and an author. I read his book, 12 Rules For Life, earlier this year and it’s a good book. Again, just like with everything in life, I don’t agree with everything in it, but it is a good book. As someone who studied psychology and sociology and a future Scientist, I think he is interesting and he does have valid points, and also has views that I don’t agree with it. He has had a few controversies in the past couple of years and is quite outspoken. Do I think he’s a bad person? No. But that’s just my opinion. Do I think certain topics of his is controversial? Yes. Would I ever go to one of his shows? Yes. Will I believe and agree with everything he says? No. Do I think he’s this dangerous guy that the media and critics portrays him to be? No, I don’t. 

I think some of the main problems with everything in life right now, besides the hate and the anger, is the judgement, the misinformation, the miscommunication and mishandling of things. People, regardless of political party are quick to judge people because of their beliefs. People, regardless of political party are often misinformed and then begin to believe these false stories. People, regardless of political party miscommunicate and mishandle things and start blaming people. Regardless of where you live in this world, unfortunately it’s not always rainbows, sunshine and happiness. A lot of people are angry. A lot of people are blaming each other. A lot of people denigrate those that don’t agree with them. A lot of people demonize those that don’t agree with the things they say. Are you on Twitter? Regardless if you don’t follow politics, there’s a chance it’s going to somehow show up on your timeline. Read some of the tweets and you’ll see what I mean with people blaming each other and acting like children instead of actually doing something productive! That’s the problem! Could you imagine the world we would live in if people actually respected each other’s opinions and thoughts? Could you imagine the world we would live in if people actually tried to understand the real story instead of believing something second hand or being easily influenced? Imagine how all this chaos would go away? If you don’t agree with something, talk it out like mature adults, none of that name calling, childish things.

It doesn’t matter which side you are on, respect people’s opinions, respect them even if you don’t agree, act like adults.


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