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Hope you are all doing well! Today’s post was very, very hard for me to write. I probably cried a few times when I was writing up a rough draft for this post, so I’m sorry if I got a little too emotional!

Today, Sunday September 24, 2017 marks the last home game of the 2017 Toronto Blue Jays season. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment for Rogers/Toronto Blue Jays players, employees, family, friends and of course the fans. Everyone’s sad that we were not able to make the playoffs this year and there has been a lot of goodbyes and tears shed the couple of days (I broke down at least once a day), and there will be a lot of changes happening to the organization from players to renovations etc. But on the upside, this 2017 season was a learning curve for everyone. It showed that everyone has to work together, as a team, as a family, as an organization, as a fan base to be able to succeed. Yes, unfortunate injuries were a factor, but from an employee and a fan stand point, we can’t blame the players for everything. I saw the same group of guys (almost) every single day since late March/early April. I saw how hard they worked. I saw the talent they displayed even just at batting practice, stretches, workouts etc. I saw the passion in their eyes. I saw how badly they wanted to win. I saw how driven they are/were. From a fan’s point of view, you see the players play and are unhappy when they lose. You have the right to be unhappy. But you don’t have the right to say things like “this team sucks” or “this team is done for” or calling them horrible things online and harassing their family and friends. They’re only human. They make mistakes. They learn and get better. How do you think the players felt? Did you think about how they were feeling when the game did not end the way they wanted it to? They gave their “A” game, EVERY.SINGLE.GAME. They did not just show up to work, to get paid thousands of dollars just to “show up.” Every single player, gave each and every game their all. We’re almost near the end of the season, and we know that we will not make the post season. Has that stopped the team and the organization from playing their A-Game every game? No, it has not. Each and every single player, played their heart out for every single game and will continue to do. It’s easy to give up. But it takes a lot of courage to work to be your best in times of challenges. You don’t hear the players complaining or blaming their teammates. They’re not pointing fingers. They’re in this together. They’re a family. We’re a family. We stick together through thick and thin. You win some, you lose some. This season did not end like we were all hoping for, but this is just the beginning. This is a learning milestone. Ross Atkins, Mark Shapiro and Gibby know what they are doing. Toronto will see a World Series again. When? I don’t know when, but with players who work hard, are driven, are dedicated and who love the game more than anything, they will deliver. Believe. Trust. Cheer on. Appreciate.

Believe in the team, the players. Trust the players and management know what they are doing. Cheer on regardless of the score. Appreciate the game.

To add, I wanted to say THANK YOU! I know I already said thank you on my latest Instagram post, but there’s no such thing as too many “thank you’s.” I want to thank the players for all their hard work and dedication this season. I know each and every player gave it their all and worked very hard during every single game. Thank you to the Blue Jays management. Thank you for believing in the players and coaching them to success. Thank you to my fellow co-workers. I know some contracts are ending soon and I am a mess just thinking about saying goodbye, I will miss each and every single one of you. I am going to miss my work family. I am going to miss the inside jokes, the talks, the lectures, the sing offs/singing/”Rogers Centre Karaoke” to Drake, Post Malone, The Weekend, Khalid, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Fetty Wap etc., (I’m looking at you Adam/work boyfriend), the teasing, the brunch, lunch, and dinner dates, getting drinks after work (water for me!), the before/after work hangouts, getting lectured how bad Pizza and Chipotle is for me (Thanks Michelle/my work Mom), working late nights/early mornings, going for at least 3-5 coffee runs a day (thankful for you Alissa. You’re my lifesaver!), exploring Toronto, the bond and friendships made. All the memories made this past year will forever be something I will cherish forever. Thank you for making my time here memorable. Thank you to all the other Toronto Blue Jays/Rogers employees who worked hard in their respective departments. There’s a lot of things happening behind the scenes during games. Each and every single Blue Jays/Rogers employee helped with the success of this team. It is definitely going to be hard to say goodbye these next couple of days, but I truly hope nothing but the best for everyone. I learned a lot from each and every single co-worker teaching me things about life and expanded my horizon. Learning new things from different people who all have a different point of view from yours is something everyone should cherish. These are life lessons you cannot learn inside a classroom. I hope a lot of contracts get renewed and I see my Blue Jays family again!

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.”

-Simon Sinek


Last, but not least, shout out to the great goat himself, Jose Bautista! No one knows exactly what is happening next season, but I really do hope Joey comes back for another season and retires as a Toronto Blue Jay. I’ll be honest I cried when I heard rumours circulating that Joey might not come back next season. He is one of my favourite athletes and he is tied at #1 with Vince Carter for my favourite athletes to play in Toronto. I have seen him on the field, around the bullpen and ran into him many times outside of work and I am completely in awe at how dedicated, humble, hard working, driven and caring he is. He truly is the definition of a team player. It was not the season we were all hoping for, but please don’t forget about the past seasons. Don’t forget the bat flip. Don’t forget all those stats. Don’t forget all those home runs. Don’t forget all the amazing catches. One season does not define the legacy Joey made in Toronto. He will forever be a hero in Toronto regardless of the outcome post season. It was an honour to see him almost every day this past year. It was an honour to work for the Blue Jays as the same time as him.

Youre always trying to seize any opportunity or hold on to one if you already have it. It was just a matter of going out there and producing for the team.”

-Jose Bautista

Thank you Joey for everything. Growing up, I have always loved the Blue Jays, but you and Doc were the ones to get me hooked on Baseball and appreciate the Blue Jays. You were my inspiration to learn the sport. You were my reason to watch baseball. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

Talk to you all soon!








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