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Happy Wednesday! Today, I’m sharing my new #WCW, Jameela Jamil. If you don’t know who Jameela Jamil is, she’s a a British television presenter, radio presenter, model and actress. She has recently made headlines for her views on detox diets promoted by celebrities, and I LOVE HER for it!!!!

If you didn’t see her tweets, please see below!


When I first started blogging, I got approached by Marketers asking if I wanted to try and promote products from tea detox to charcoal whitening toothpaste. Not gonna lie, I didn’t even respond to these emails. I simply deleted or ignored them. If you’ve followed my blog or Twitter since the very beginning, then you know how much I DESPISE companies who make their money off the insecurities of their consumers. I HATE IT. I think companies who support and promote “diet” tea, pills etc. should be shut down. That’s just my personal opinion. 

Everytime I go on Instagram and I see one of these Instagram Models, Influencers, hell even Celebrities promoting products for weight loss, teeth whitening, or basically any product that is trying to make money off your insecurities, I CRINGE. You best bet I’m unfollowing you. I think there’s a big difference when an Influencer, Instagram Model or Celebrity is promoting weight loss teas to when they promote products like gym memberships or products like One Peloton Bikes (best purchase ever!). Some of you are probably like “well, that’s hypocritical of you” so let me explain. Certain, not all, diet pills/tea products Influencers, Instagram Models and Celebrities are promoting are not FDA approved. For those that don’t know what the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is or what they do, the FDA examines, tests, and approves a wide range of items for medical use, including drugs and medical appliances. When you’re promoting something where the REAL experts don’t approve of, that’s a big no no. 

When you have a platform, big or small, and you know you have impressionable people following you, and then you go out and promote detox tea or flat tummy tea, SHAME ON YOU. You know they are vulnerable and you are taking advatange. YES, I said it. YOU ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEM. Yes, it’s not your responsibility if they buy it, BUT, you are promoting a product that *could be a potential harm* to their body. You are responsible because they are vulnerable. You are responsible for making them doubt themselves. You are responsible for making them harm themselves by putting these horrible products into their body. You are contributing to weakening their mental health. While we’re at it, when you are promoting these products, are you telling your followers about your plastic surgery, about your personal trainer, about the work you had done to look like that? Are you going to give them a discount code to your personal trainer, personal cook, your plastic surgeon???? If you value money over the health and safety of your followers, SHAME ON YOU. If you’re going to promote these products, I (and Jameela Jamil and many others) want you to actually record yourself drinking this tea or whatever product you are promoting. Because I guarantee, a good portion of these celebrities do not actually use these products they promote. They take a picture, post it on whatever social media platform, get their cheque and they do not care about your well being.

If you are buying into what Influencers, Instagram Models and Celebrities are promoting, try making some changes into your daily life. Drink more water. Drink Green Tea. Green Tea is much healthier for you and has lots of health benefits. If you want to learn and read more about Green Tea, please read this ALSL Blog Hack! Go for walks, join a gym. Eat more fruits. Eat more vegetables. Drink Kombucha. Get more fibre into your body. If your goal is to lose weight, don’t take shortcuts. It’s not going to be easy, but if you put the work in, it will be worth every sore post-gym session.

I’m not telling you what to do, but if someone ever tries to promote and sell these products to you or anyone you know, unfollow and walk away and you’ll thank yourself later! You are beautiful the way you are, you don’t need anyone telling you otherwise!

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