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Happy Monday! Hope you are all doing well today! I can’t believe it’s already August! And school is just right around the corner (sorry for ruining the moment). As promised, I will be sharing all my tips and guides to do better this school year. So, first topic topic we will be tackling today…. your new best friend… your class syllabus. It doesn’t matter if you’re in High School, College or University or getting your Masters, PhD or Medical degree, a syllabus is your lifeline in school and will help you stay organized and sane. It is your go to, so protect this paper at all cost.


-Look over the entire syllabus

-Have a highlighter in hand to highlight all the important due and test dates and assignments

-Most Profs on the first day of the semester usually go over the syllabus as a class. Make any necessary adjustments or jot down any notes the Prof says, he or she may be hinting at something.


-Sit down, get your agenda, get a highlighter, one coloured pen for tests, one for assignments and any other important dates and write every single due date and assignment down

-If you prefer a digital agenda, add all the important dates to the app and set a reminder. 

-If you’re like me who prefers both a hard copy agenda and a digital agenda, set aside an hour or two to organize your life. Trust me, you will thank yourself later. I will make a separate post of my favourite apps for students.


-Before class (or the day before), check your syllabus to see what topic is being covered and read the assigned reading before class. It will be easier for you to gather the information and follow along.

-During class, I always have a voice recorder to record the lecture and make rough notes on a piece of paper or I type it out on Word or OneNote. I always write my lecture notes in point form and either underline and highlight the more important topics or if the Prof keeps referring to the same topic, he or she is probably hinting that will be on the exam.

-After class, I read over my lecture notes, listen to the lecture again (if you get a voice recorder, get one that has a headphone socket), expand my notes and highlight the important topics. If I’m writing my notes out, I usually use this black pen or this black pen to write out the notes, I use this red pen for more important information and I always use a yellow highlighter to highlight the same important information.

-Plan out and set aside time to do your assignments. Don’t leave things to the last minute and procrastinate

-I like to make notes/summaries of each chapter/topic etc. for future references.

-By making notes and summaries after each chapter/topic, it is easier to make study notes when it comes to tests or exams. I always put these summaries in a sheet protector and towards the front for reference. 

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Enjoy the rest of your summer and make everyday count!



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