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Hope you are doing amazing today! I often get asked what products I use or where I got this and that from family, friends, co-workers and anyone following the blog. Makeup wise, I’ll be the first to admit, I do not like wearing makeup. I also don’t know how to wear apply makeup properly without the help of watching one of my saved videos from YouTube and it usually takes me at least an hour to apply it, hence why I don’t wear it often. I mean as a Z list blogger, it’s not like I’m getting thousands of questions, emails, DMs about this stuff, but I do get quite a few and wanted to share them with everyone! Instead of replying to every single person, I will be sharing it on the “Christina’s Favourites” page. From makeup products to skincare products to my favourite office supplies and eco-friendly favourites, I hope this answers some of y’alls questions! 

I try to shop smart, buy sustainable – ecofriendly – vegan – cruelty free products. Certain products may fit into that, some products may not – I try to do my research on the products and brands I buy, so please feel free to tell me if I made any mistakes!

The most asked beauty question I get from family and friends is what makeup and skincare products I use. I’m getting older (turning 25 this year), I have very sensitive skin and I’m very picky with what products I buy and use. I don’t have perfect skin, so I do spend a lot on skincare and skincare products are my go to over makeup products. I’m the girl that prefers to invest in skincare over makeup products, so I don’t have to wear makeup daily. I will add every product I use below. Every product will also be on the “Christina’s Favourites” page. **Please don’t make fun of me for adding the two Aveeno lotions below, I have very sensitive, dry skin (especially during the winter) and I swear by this product. I know it’s a baby product, it works for me and doesn’t hurt my skin, so that’s why it’s there**

Sensitive Skin Lotion


Heat Protective Serum

Face Mask

Eye Mask

Makeup Products I Use



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