NINETYFOUR87 is an Ethical and Sustainable Canadian inspired Clothing and Lifestyle brand I am launching soon! NINETYFOUR87 was inspired by a love for fashion, giving back to others and all things Canadian. NINETYFOUR87 was just an idea until pencil met paper and I am so extremely blessed and excited for this business venture!

When is NINETYFOUR87 launching?

NINETYFOUR87 is launching September 4, 2020 8:07 AM EST.

Why did you name your clothing brand NINETYFOUR87?

Over the years, I had a lot of different ideas as to what to name the brand, but kept going back to “NINETYFOUR87.” 94 is my birth year and I got the idea of adding “87” back in 2012 when I first wanted to start a business from my Lola (and Lolo who passed 2 years earlier) who was 87 at that time. NINETYFOUR87 just felt right and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Why the Maple Leaf?

NINETYFOUR87 is a Canadian Clothing and Lifestyle brand. Everything I do and create for NINETYFOUR87 is inspired by Canada and Canadian values of diversity, acceptance, equality and respect. The Maple Leaf is the symbol of Canada and I wanted to incorporate Canada’s symbol into NINETYFOUR87 and pay respect.

How did NINETYFOUR87 come about?

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always been into fashion and putting outfits together. Growing up, I used to participate in pagaents and was always dressed up. As grew older and dressed myself, I learned to dress my body and know my style. Additionally, as someone who is on the petite-curvy side, it’s harder for me to find clothes that flatter my shape. I wanted to create something that flatters my body type, be comfortable and be confident in what I wear (#shortgirlsbigchestproblems).

Another inspiration to start my own business venture was that I wanted to create a brand to display the wonderful and beautiful Canada. What do I mean by that? I mean that everything from brainstorming ideas, designs, marketing, photoshoots, producing prototypes, producing the actual products, everything and anything NINETYFOUR87 is Canadian and Canada as a country is my inspiration for this business. A LOT of Canadian culture is influenced in my designs and I cannot wait to work with Canadian companies with true Canadian values to make this dream into a reality. I also wanted a way to bring my vision to life that can also help others that need help. A portion of NINETYFOUR87’s monthly net profit will be donated to For A Better Tomorrow Foundation (FABT FDN) and another charity or cause close to our hearts!

What happens behind the scenes on a day to day basis?

On a day to day basis, there’s always something new happening. Outside from Baseball, I am dedicated to the entire A Life She Loved Blog, it’s affiliated social media accounts and running NINETYFOUR87 and affiliated accounts from the ground up. From the outside, it may look easy, peasy, lemon squeezey, but in reality, there’s A LOT of work to do. No two days are ever the same. Some days I have more free time to design more products and look into specifications for each product, some days are spent trying to market and grow the brand, other days I’m looking for more inspiration, other days I’m planning the launch party and fashion show details, designing packaging, looking at colours and fabrics, brainstorming a rough guest list draft, planning photoshoots, designing PR packages, you name it, it’s being done! Some days are easier and less stressful than others, but I found that planning and sticking to a schedule makes it somewhat less stressful. 

Who’s part of the NINETYFOUR87 team?

At the moment, it’s a one woman job from designing to editing to finding fabrics and planning photoshoots and meeting with manufacturers. 

In the future, I do plan on hiring people to join the team. I will need an Assistant to help me with the day to day running of the blog, NINETYFOUR87 and For a Better Tomorrow Foundation, so stay tuned!

Other future job opportunities include working in the warehouse to package orders, customer service representative, and other positions for affiliated projects. 

Future Applicants MUST live in Toronto. 


Where is NINETYFOUR87 located?

Our headquarters will be in Downtown Toronto. 

Our factories are all located in Canada! As a Canadian company, we are supporting our fellow Canadian companies big and small! Some of our factories are located in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and we are looking at more locations that align with our brand values!

Where do you find your inspiration? Who is your muse?

I find inspiration everywhere I go. From looking outdoors, to admiring how beautiful of a country Canada is, to looking at magazines or browsing online, there’s inspiration everywhere in this beautiful country.

My “main muse” for NINETYFOUR87 are the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana. My Mom always admired Princess Diana and growing up, I admired her as well. She was always so caring, elegant, classy and put together. When Prince William and Catherine Middleton announced their engagement, I was ecstatic! I admire her work ethic, her style, personality and being private as a public figure. Like her Mother in law, the Duchess of Cambridge is also caring, elegant, classy and put together (both are my style inspirations!). When you see the Duchess of Cambridge on a magazine cover, you can’t help but look at what she’s wearing – she always looks beautiful in everything she wears. I hope that my designs are to her taste and she likes them and wears one of my designs one day!!!! I know it’s a big dream, but I’ve never been afraid to dream. I know that if this ever happens, my Mom is the first person I will be calling! (right after I stop jumping and running around screaming “SHE’S WEARING ONE OF MY DESIGNS!”)

Fun Fact: I have two designs for the season one Dress Collection named after Princess Diana and Duchess of Cambridge.

As an Entrepreneur, what has been your biggest challenge?

I think the hardest part of being an Entrepreneur is the risks. Starting a business venture is not easy, nor is it cheap. There are a lot of things to do in order for your business to be successful. I’ll admit I do worry about the economy and how it will affect my business. I didn’t ask for handouts, nor did I ask for my family and friends to name drop or influence my business. I wanted to create a company that is successful because my customers like my designs and not because of someone else’s success or popularity. Call it my ego, or whatever, but I started this business on my own from the bottom, and I am 10000000% dedicated to the start and success of this company.

Do I worry about it everyday? Of course I do! Is it going to be successful? Will people like my designs? Will people recommend it to their family and friends? But I know that with a lot of hard work, patience, dedication and coffee and tea, I can build something that I and my future family will be proud of.

Is there a Business or Entrepreneur that you look up to?

Absolutely! I look up to a lot of people for guidance and inspiration, but in this business case, I have looked up to Martha Stewart and Elon Musk. By reading my Blog and Twitter now, you know I’m a a huge fan of Martha Stewart. I admire how she was able to create a successful lifestyle brand and inspire women and men from all over the world to find their inner Martha Stewart wannabe and create beautiful and delicious meals and sweets.

My friends will say I admire Elon Musk because I think he is cute, while I do admit that I think he’s cute, I admire Elon Musk for his dedication to his work and creating multiple and successful business ventures, and taking his ideas to the next level with Space X (Hey Elon, can I come?), Tesla and more. Also, I love his Dad jokes and sense of humour, I mean have you read his Twitter

Which Celebrity or Public Figure would you want rocking NINETYFOUR87?

It would be an honour and a privilege for any of my style icons to wear my designs. From the Duchess of Cambridge, Amal Clooney, Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie, Vince Carter, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, I would probably cry if I see any of them rocking my designs.

While they’re not public figures, I also cannot wait for my family and friends to rock my designs and of course all of my customers and blog readers who have been following me from the very beginning! I am so excited to see people wearing my designs! If I see anyone wearing any of my designs in person, you bet I’m asking to take a photo with them! HAHA!!!! 😉

I’m trying to brainstorm a good Instagram Hashtag so that people can use the hashtag on Instagram and the entire NINETYFOUR87 team can see how everyone styled their orders. So exciting!!!!

Would you say your design aesthetic resembles your personal style?

Growing up, I was definitely a mix of girly girl to tom boy, even to this day. Growing up, I was always in dresses (especially in my early pageant days) and as I grew older and in present day and took interest in Sports, I could go from casual to dressy to head to toe Sports apparel in a minute. My personal style varies. I would say my day to day style is more classic, casual, old fashioned, comfortable, chic, and when I have an event, on vacation, it’s girls night or on date nights, I like to “spice things” up a bit. I’m not one to follow trends or wear things that I don’t feel comfortable wearing, so I can guarantee you that if I will never wear it, I will not design it. In a way, my designs are a reflection of my personal style and personality. 

Do you have a design background?

No, I do not. My university education was in Science and Pre Med/Health/Medical field. Since I became more and more serious about starting a business, I have taken classes to help me in the fashion and business field. I have taken Fashion, Business and Marketing classes in my spare time to help me succeed in this business venture.

*UPDATE: April 2018: I got accepted to take a few courses at Parsons and learn more about the industry!*

What is your style philosophy?

I have a couple of “style philosophies”

(1) “Just because it’s designer, does not mean it looks good” Seriously, I won’t buy something just because everyone has it or because it’s designer. Wearing designer items does not automatically make you a “fashionista.”

(2) “Just because it looks good one someone, does not mean it will look good on you too” We all come in different shapes and sizes and we should dress for ourselves that works best for our body instead of copying someone.

(3) “You don’t have to follow every trend” Seriously, stay true to yourself and your style and don’t buy and wear something just because everyone else is. Stand out and be your own beautiful self!!!!

(4) “If you don’t like it in store and don’t feel comfortable, you’re not gonna like it in the future” If you don’t like it after you’ve tried it on in the fitting rooms, chances are, you’re not gonna like it in the future. If you don’t feel comfortable in something, don’t buy it.

Who are your style icons?

My style icons are the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana, Amal Clooney, Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie.

What has been your favourite time or part of starting a business?

I think one of my favourite part of starting NINETYFOUR87 is knowing that I have created everything about this business on my own. I didn’t ask anyone for help. At the very beginning, no one knew I wanted to start my own business. Until last year, only a few people knew and the rest of my family and friends found out when I announced it on my blog. Starting NINETYFOUR87 gives me a mix of feelings – from happy to excited to stressed out of my mind to tired to happy to excited all over again! It’s a very exciting and stressful part, but I wouldn’t change it any way! Another favourite thing of mine sine starting NINETYFOUR87 was naming my designs. All of my designs are named after people in my life, people I admire, and things I love. Will there be a design or two named after Pizza, Chipotle, or Blue Jays/Baseball? I can’t confirm or deny that…. for now 😜 

Will you be collaborating with other brands or is this strictly NINETYFOUR87?

At the moment, I am hard at working on NINETYFOUR87. Maybe in the future I could collaborate with brands that have the same brand values! Maybe work on a unisex and women’s collection for the Jay Shop or the Canadian Olympic team? Who knows 😜 I do plan to get a license in order to design and sell licensed MLB, NBA and NFL merchandise! As someone you previously, worked in Baseball, I was not a big fan of the merchandise and think it could be improved style, fit and material wise! 

Will NINETYFOUR87 offer International Shipping?

Yes, we will! We are currently looking into and comparing the best shipping companies out there’s that we are able to accommodate our customers outside of North America. We want to offer affordable and fast shipping for our International Customers.

Will you be opening up a Brick and Mortar NINETYFOUR87 store?

In the future, we do plan to open up a Brick and Mortar store in Canada! The location of our first retail store will be announced in 2022-2023!

What sizes will NINETYFOUR87 offer?

NINETYFOUR87 designs will be available in sizes XS – 4X for certain designs.

Will NINETYFOUR87 use real leather for any of your designs?

At NINETYFOUR87, I am proud to say all of the materials for our designs are all locally and ethically sourced and produced in Canada. Our Accessories line (bags, purses, wallets etc.), will only use faux and vegan leather that has been sourced and produced in Canada. All of our products are all Animal Cruelty Free.

Where are your products manufactured?

I am very proud to say that all of our products are produced and manufactured in beautiful Canada. I can’t start a company inspired by this beautiful country and have it be produced elsewhere now can I? NINETYFOUR87 is 100% Canadian dreamt, produced and marketed to share with the wonderful Canadian people and our friends worldwide.

Will NINETYFOUR87 be having a Launch Party prior to release date?

Yes, we will be having a Launch Party for NINETYFOUR87! At the moment, we are still in the very early stages of planning everything, but the Launch Party will take place in Toronto prior to the launch of NINETYFOUR87 in 2020.

What is the For A Better Tomorrow Foundation?

The For A Better Tomorrow Foundation is a charity foundation I founded. The For A Better Tomorrow Foundation supports a variety of local and international causes focusing on Education, Economic Development, Human Rights, Wildlife and Health Care. Portions of the monthly net profits NINETYFOUR87 makes will be donated to the For A Better Tomorrow Foundation. By shopping at NINETYFOUR87, you are shopping with a cause by purchasing beautiful designs that are locally and ethically made and are helping making a difference in Toronto, other Canadian cities and international charity causes.


Where are your factories located?

At the moment, we are still in the very early stages of conducting interviews with each factory to make sure their values align with ours and that all employers are treated fairly and with respect. But so far, the factories that we like are all/most of are located in the Toronto/GTA and Vancouver area!

If I get anymore questions I will post them here! If you have a question regarding NINETYFOUR87, send me an email at and I will try to respond as soon as I can!





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