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Happy Monday! Hope you are doing well today! Over the weekend I was busy working on some designs, some legal work for NINETYFOUR87 as well as busy obsessing planning over the NINETYFOUR87 headquarters and wanted to share some of the details! I’ve always been obsessed with interior design thanks to watching hours and hours of HGTV and looking through home decor magazines with my Mom, so this project is something I’m super excited about!!!! 

Last week, I was browsing over some potential NINETYFOUR87 headquarter space and let me tell you, trying to find something in downtown Toronto that has everything I like has been VERY hard and stressful! There was one listing that had most of the items I wanted, but was waaaaaaay over my budget. I mean 20,000/CAD month for less than 2000 sq ft???? Yeah, no thank you. Since NINETYFOUR87 is just starting out, I wanted something more reasonable and don’t mind getting a larger space in the future, so back to square one. At this point, I’m really starting to think getting a home outside the Entertainment District and turning into a office space is the one of the better options. 

Since I plan on expanding “my brand” (this sounds so cringey saying this publically…. I swear I’m not a stuck up b) which consists of ALSL Blog, NINETYFOUR87, Girl Eats Carbs, Top of the 9th designs and maybe more 😉😉😉😉, so I’m gonna need a lot of space. Since this space is a mix of the NINETYFOUR87 headquarters space where I and the NINETYFOUR87 team will be working from, and the NINETYFOUR87 showroom, I need something to fit everyone from the team to buyers to customers and have room to move around.

Of course, the entire space will be “on brand” and will reflect the brand through colours, decor, materials etc. I also want the space to be inviting, organized and minimilistic. 


Employee Office Space

Kitchen and Lunch Room

Meeting Room and Show Room

Order Packaging Room



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