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Happy Monday, hope you are all doing well! Can’t believe Christmas is only 22 days away! SO exciting! Today, I’m sharing my monthly NINETYFOUR87 update! I am a firm believer that everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own, special way. I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

When I first shared the link for the NINETYFOUR87 Pre-Launch Survey, every single individual that filled in the survey said they would rather have “realistic advertising” versus “fairytale advertising.” Those that filled in the survey, wants no photoshopped photos to hide and remove “imperfections” and I am taking every single suggestion and answer from the survey and DMs seriously (and into consideration!).

As Designer and Creative Director of NINETYFOUR87, I am proud to say none of our models will be digitally altered to produce picture “perfect” campaigns on any of NINETYFOUR87’s social media accounts, online store, blog, lookbook and any other affiliated product and content to NINETYFOUR87. I am pro body positivity and self love. Anyone that follows me, I want them to love themselves. I want them to love everything about themselves. Society teaches girl to compare and to compete with each other. I don’t want any of that on any of my accounts. I want anyone that follows me to be encouraged to value their self worth, their personality, their achievements over “beauty standards.” The beauty standard society imposes on people has a disturbing effect on people. Photoshop and airbrushing plays a very negative role in society and mental health for both genders. It shows celebrities and public figures with perfect skin – no blemishes, no pores, no wrinkles; photos with “perfect” hair, crystal white, straight teeth, “perfect” bodies etc. On Instagram, Instagram Models, Celebrities and wannabe models posting photoshopped and facetuned photos, they’re barely recognizable. In no way am I writing this to attack anyone, but when I’m scrolling through Instagram, I see people stretching their photos to make their legs look skinnier, or when people are altering their face to look magazine ready and leaving obvious photoshopped and facetunned mistakes (blurred lines, blurred face etc.,). Perfect does not exist. Don’t feel like you need to alter how you look and act to look “beautiful” and be accepted.

Photoshopping photos for any NINETYFOUR87 content is a no no – I want the clothes to speak to our customers. I want each piece to be modelled by different models of different sizes and race and skin colours, so our customers can relate and see that they can and will look beautiful in our clothes. I want anyone looking and buying any of our products to feel comfortable and to not be put off into thinking they can’t wear it. Photoshopping models is doubly psychologically damaging as it ruins how the model looks at themselves and it’s also distressing for impressionable people viewing the image. The only altering that I can think of participating in, is adding a filter via VSCO or lightroom to edit highlights and shadows to make the photos “pop.” Altering how any of our models look to create and sell a fantasy, is a big no no for me and does not reflect NINETYFOUR87’s views.

I look up to companies that refuse to photoshop their models. I love to read about it and their views and how I can implement it for NINETYFOUR87. Especially since NINETYFOUR87 will be launching as an online store, having a variety of models of different race and different clothes size model each design for our customers is valuable. For example, I shop at ASOS online. I live in Canada and ASOS is in London, United Kingdom. I love that they are now using different sized models to showcase each piece. It helps lower customer returns, it helps customers see how it looks on each model.

I love how everything and everyone is evolving for the better good. I love that we are accepting that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. I love that everyone is supporting each other. I love that everyone is encouraging each other. This is what I live for – people empowering each other. 



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