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Hope you’re all doing amazing today! I’m kinda bummed we didn’t have time to go to the Christmas Market this year in Toronto, but I’m telling myself, to go once it opens for the season next year. We actually had plans to go earlier on in the week, Monday, but found out it was not open on Monday’s (after getting ready for my basic market photos 🤪), so we just went to do some Christmas shopping at Eaton’s and Sherway Gardens, went out for dinner and grabbed a new pack of playing cards. For my family and friends, hope you’re all ready to get burned in Speed. Don’t know how to play or never played it before? I highly recommend it. It’s VERY competitive and not to sound cocky, but I’m pretty good if I do say so for myself. Here’s a link.

Okay, now back to Christmas. Are you guys all done with your Christmas Shopping? I finally had time this week to do my shopping and now I just have to wrap them up and get some more gifts and stocking stuffers. If you’re like me and like to purchase gifts from companies and brands that give back to charity, finding one that meets your values and are genuine is kind of hard to find nowadays. Anyone can say they donate back to charity, but you have to be smart and do your research! Here are some charities or companies that give back:

Plan International is one of the charities I’ve been working with for years. It has a special place in my heart and honoured to be affiliated with a charity that gives back instead of profiting the donations. Our sponsor child is from a country in Asia, and when we first sponsored him, he was nearly a year old and now he’s gotten so big, is in school and best of all, healthy. It’s the little things in life like this that make my heart so full of love.

Real gifts that change real lives

“Gifts of Hope are not symbolic gifts – they are real gifts that change real lives. Many charitable gift programs direct your donation as they see fit. At Plan International Canada, we direct your donation to the specific gift you choose. When you choose a goat, your money goes directly to a goat program in a country like Cameroon. So the gift you choose is exactly where your money goes.”

-Plan International

To view other Gifts of Hope, please click here

Personally I would never drop 10 K + on a Cartier bracelet that everyone seems to have these days. It’s just not me and I feel uncomfortable with spending that much money for a bracelet that I don’t like. I like to own jewelry that means something to me or has a story to tell, but hey if you’re more a Cartier Love bracelet girl, then go for it and do what your heart desires. I love companies like Pura Vida because with every purchase, they donate a portion of the sale or net profit to a charity or cause. All of their products are handmade and all support a cause or charity. The causes and charity I chose above are some featured on their website that are very important to me. I have purchased matching bracelets for my favourite peoples and this is my go to for stocking stuffers and or adding something inside a card. Remember it’s not about how much you can spend, but the thought that counts ☺️


Bead Relief is another accessories company that donates a portion of their monthly net profits to charities. Like Pura Vida, they are handmade and are all made to support a charity or cause.

From their website,

The Idea

Bead Relief started with a simple idea and a common goal to help non-profits raise awareness and donations for their cause. Two friends knew that there was a better way to help people support the amazing charities they want to support. One thing that is different about Bead Relief is that we are focused on the non-profit. Every product is inspired by one of our charity partners and we donate 25% of every sale to the respective organization.

The Philosophy

We want people to wear their charity and feel good about it! We believe that it is possible for every person to make a difference and strive to spread this message through the sale of our bracelets. They are handmade, support artisans and you can feel grateful about making a contribution to your cause. This is what inspired our idea of wearing your charity.

The Goal

We have two goals. We want to raise 1 million dollars for our charity partners and be the go-to solution for charities and have our bracelets be synonymous with giving. When a charity needs help, we will be there! When someone is wearing their charity, we want it to be the vehicle to make the change and spread their message.

One of my first purchases from Lokai was actually their Classic Lokai bracelet. My second was the Pact. The Lokai Pact featured causes and charities that hold a special place in my heart. The fact that you can wear something to promote a cause or charity, to make a difference, to help in any way, big or little is why I purchase items that have a story. I actually got the idea to donate portions of the net profit made from ninetyfour87 from Lokai. You get to create something you love, but also help people in return. What a great philosophy!

The Lokai Bracelet holds water from Mount Everest, the highest point on earth, and mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. 10% of net profits are donated to our charity partners.
“This idea of balance came to me when my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I was heartbroken but at the same time grateful for the memories we’d shared.”

Like Steven, I also have a grandparent (my Lola) who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Finding a cure and raising awareness for Alzheimer’s is something very dear and close to my heart and I love to support companies that also have the same philosophy.


 Did I miss a brand or know a brand that I should look into? Let me know!






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