Hey, y’all! Happy Tuesday or should I say Happy NBA Season Opener day! AHHHHH SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! Even though Raptors don’t play until tomorrow, I’m looking forward to all the action! If you’ve been following me for a while, y’all know I love sports especially Baseball and Basketball! I have loved the Raptors since the very beginning and even though he is no longer part of the team, I am Vince Carter’s self proclaimed #1 fan (seriously loved him since 1998! 20 years strong!!!!). I have been waiting for this day since June and I can’t wait to watch some of the other league’s actions. Earlier today, I prayed for Gordon Hayward. After last year’s injury I’m looking forward to watching him play with Kyrie. Can’t wait to see how the Raptors and Celtics play this season, but I also can’t wait for the Raptors to cough cough dominate the East, now that LeBron is now a Laker and Kawhi Leonard is now part of the Toronto Raptors. Yup, Kawhi Leonard is a Toronto Raptor (!!!!)

Anyways, in somewhat Basketball related news, I got a Kawhi Leonard jersey earlier this summer and man am I excited to wear it tomorrow (even though I’m not in Toronto to watch the game at the ACC –> it will always be the ACC to me, I’ll be repping Raptors gear!). I have always worn my main man’s jersey since forever (if you don’t know, I always rep my Vince Carter gear at Raptors games), so this is a big change for me! As someone who always wears jerseys and the team’s merch to games, I’m looking forward to wearing my Raptors gear this season! Is this the season? Chances of the team going to the finals this season are higher than previous seasons, so you know this girl and her family are suppppperrrr excited! Also, if I refer to Scotiabank Arena as The ACC in future posts, it’s because I will always call it The ACC – I grew up going to Raptors games there and calling it the ACC, so I will always call it The ACC. Sue me.

Below are some outfit ideas to support your Toronto Raptors pride. Sorry not sorry I used #15’s merch…. I’m biased and his #1 fan since 1998.

Outfit One

Jacket | Sneakers | Shirt | Booties | Pants

Outfit Two

Jersey | Jacket | Booties | Jeans | Jersey

Outfit Three

Jean Jacket | Shirt | Jersey | Sneakers | Jeans

Outfit Four

Shoes | Jeans | Jersey | Hat | Toque

Go, Raptors, Go! Make Canada proud! #WeTheNorth


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