We were sitting down on a bench eating our cupcakes when I was scrolling through my Twitter Feed and saw a tweet that said “Avicii passed away at the age of 28.” I’m not gonna lie, I honestly thought it was a hoax. I googled his name and there was nothing on Google News, until I checked Twitter, and his Publicists confirmed his death.

My best friend and I were 18-19 when we attended our first EDM Concert. Avicii was on tour and had a show at Rogers Centre. We were having a Girls Weekend and our childhood friend, Christopher, also tagged along. We were VERY excited to see him live and have a great time that I begged P to leave the condo earlier than planned and head over to Rogers Centre. Avicii had two opening acts and did not actually perform until 11-midnight and until (almost) 2 in the morning. Towards the end of the concert, he played one song, the lights dimmed and music stopped. P thought the show was over and was like “let’s go before there’s a crowd,” and I was like “NO! Not yet, he didn’t even play ‘Wake me Up’ yet!” and about 10 seconds later, fireworks and a bunch of beautiful lights were popping up and “Wake Me Up” was blasting and everyone at Rogers Centre was jumping, dancing and screaming!!!!

I am so thankful I got to see Avicii at least once live. He’s such a talented artist. P and I were supposed to go to a music festival in the United Kingdom last year or the year before to see him perform, but unfortunately our schedules did not allow us to. I don’t think there’s one Avicii song that I did not like.

When we found out, I immediately texted P to tell her about the news. To this day, we still talk about how that was such an amazing concert. I don’t think any recent concerts I’ve attended that even comes close to it. I logged on to my barely used Facebook account to relive that memorable day and went to find some photos and videos. Unfortunately, I was unable to download any of the concert footage off my Facebook, but I did find a couple photos (we had general admission tickets/floor tickets that also gave us access to seats). 

Sharing my favourite Avicii songs on Spotify

Thank you for blessing us with your talent and music. You will forever be remembered and cherished. Rest In Peace.

One day youll leave this world behind 

So live a life you will remember.”





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