Hi, friends!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all doing well! Today on Selfcare Monday, let’s talk about doing something creative with your time! Whenever I’m feeling down, depressed or anxious, I like to not only stay busy (chilling and relaxing too!), but I like to do something creative like working on the blog, working on NINETYFOUR87, working on some pottery, working on some paintings etc. and so should you! It’s important to have something outside of your career, education, family and friends, where you can be alone and do something you are passionate about.

It’s important to do something for yourself everyday. I know some people will tell you to have “me time” once a week, but I personally think it’s important to have “me” time everyday. It doesn’t have to be hours at a time, it could be an hour, or 30 minutes, it’s important to do something for yourself that will make you happy, calm, fulfilled, passionate.

If you’re the sporty type, join a club or team and play the sport that makes you passionate about! Or if you’re more of a person that likes to watch sports, buy some tickets to see and support your favourite team. It doesn’t have to be expensive tickets, you could sit anywhere in a stadium or arena and still have fun!

ALSL TIP | When I used to work for the Blue Jays and none of my friends weren’t at work, I used to sit in the 500 section where it’s pretty empty, get some food and watch the game during my break. It was only for a few minutes, but I had fun and enjoyed myself. Working in Baseball was always go, go, go. It was always important for me and anyone working in a fast paced setting, to have a few minutes to yourself. If your family and friends can’t come with you to a game, buy a ticket and watch the game by yourself! You can support your team and have some “me” time!

If you’re more of an artsy person, work on some projects you’ve always wanted to do! You know that “I want to do that/try that someday, but I just don’t have time” project. It’s time to stop making excuses and make time for things that matter. If it’s art that you are passionate about and makes you happy and fulfilled, then make time for art and be the artist you always dreamt of being!

ALSL TIP | I like to check Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration for future projects! If you like a specific type of art (example: abstract, floral, pottery etc. follow boards/tags related to that specific art for inspiration to ignite that fire of passion in you!

If you love to cook and or bake, but don’t have the time, try meal prepping and cook and bake away! If you want to cook and bake and share it on your brand’s accounts, do just that! You never know what could come of it!

Above are just a few example on how can take care of yourself by being creative. But most of all, I want you to do something for yourself, and only yourself. Do something that makes YOU happy. Do something that YOU like. Do something that will make you feel fulfilled and passionate. Do something for YOU. Don’t pay attention to what so and so says – their opinion does not matter. Do something you want to do, life is too short to care about what others think.

Whatever it is that makes you be happy and passionate, DO IT. Do something that will keep you productive. Do something that will you happy. Do something that. Remember that mental health and awareness is just as important as physical health. You should be active for at least 45 minutes everyday, you should also take care of your mental health everyday. Do something for yourself everyday.


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