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Happy Monday! Hope you are all doing today! If you follow NINETYFOUR87’s Instagram Account, then y’all know my love for inspirational and motivational quotes. Some will say inspirational quotes are annoying AF, but for me and many others, appreciate inspirational quotes and find them useful and uplifting when we are down. I started posting quotes everyday since October 1, 2018 – National Bullying Awareness Day. I started posting these quotes, not only for me, but also for anyone following along who might need comforting words. Since I’ve been posting these everyday since October 1, I won’t be able to add every single quote to the “Positivity Zone” story highlight. I will still post everyday, but if need a specific quote, please check the “words” page and I’ll add them to my ALSL Pinterest Board!

Anyways, wanted to share a few of my favourite quotes below. I hope these words help you if you’re feeling down or need a little extra motivation!


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