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Happy Monday! One of the new series/topics I wanted to focus on ALSL this year is self love/self care. I don’t claim to be an expert on this topics, but these are self care/self love I love to practice whenever I’m feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. I hope the ALSL Self Care Mondays help you whenever you need it!

Wanted to start Self Care Mondays with one of the most important things one should learn in life – learning to love yourself. I think everyone should learn to love yourself. Learning to love yourself is very important to see the beauty in you, to respect yourself. It’s important to see your worth instead of focusing on what you hate about yourself. If you focus on things you hate about yourself, it takes away from your joy, your happiness, your self worth, your mental health is greatly affected.


WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF | It can be anything – for example, if you love your smile, write down that you love your smile or that you are always happy.

DON’T FEEL GUILTY | Learning to love yourself and focusing on your well being should be a top priority. You should never feel guilty for giving yourself me time. Remember, focusing on your health, does not make you selfish, it makes you strong.

FOCUS ON THE GOOD | Remove negativity in your life – anything that stresses you out, or makes you anxious, let it go and remove yourself from that situation.

DO THINGS YOU ENJOY | Do what makes you happy with yourself, with your life. Do things you are passionate about. Don’t care what others think, just do things that make you happy and bring you joy.

DON’T DEPRIVE YOURSELF | Don’t limit yourself. If you want to eat a slice of pizza, eat it. If you want to watch that show, watch it. If you want to buy that new dress, buy it. There’s a difference in knowing your limits and depriving yourself.

FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTH | Learn to meditate. Exercise. Do yoga. Go to therapy if you need to. Distance yourself to anything that makes you doubt yourself or stresses you out.

THINK POSITIVELY | Write down inspirational and motivational quotes and leave it inside your agenda/planner, or maybe write it down on a sticky note and leave it on your mirror. Thinking positively is an important step to self care.

LAUGH | I love comedy, I love funny videos, I love listening and watching to comedians do their act. Watch videos that make you smile and laugh, it can help relax you! If you love animals, watch Dodo videos or search up your favourite comedian on YouTube, there’s a good chance one of their shows is on there!


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