Hi, friends! Happy Friday! Sharing another ALSL blog series I wanted to add to the blog – #SMSports! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me liking and retweeting Sports Marketing tweets. I am VERY obsessed with all things #SMSports (especially ones related to Baseball and Basketball), it’s like a religion!

All Star season is exciting for every sports league. Social Media Coordinators/Managers and the sports team Marketing team are working overtime to deliver content to persuade fans to support and vote for their team’s star player.

I may be Canadian, but I personally am not big on hockey. But I am big on sports marketing. I personally LOVED the Buffalo Sabres’ content during the All Stars season. There’s nothing more annoying during the All Star season than “Hey, now you’re an All Star.” PLEASE, stop using that! It’s SOOOO overrated and needs to be left alone. If you’re a Social Media Coordinator/Manager for a Sports team, or the league, please do yourself and the fans a favour and to stop using it! Seriously! They hired you for a reason – your creativity and working knowledge. If you’re going to use that same quote, please, please, please, PLEASEEEE, go back to the drawing board and brainstorm new ideas!

And above, is how you win in the Sports Marketing World! They related to their audience, especially their younger audience. They didn’t use “Hey, now you’re an All Star” and brought in engagement.

Congratulations to the Buffalo Sabres Social Media Coordinator/Manager for bringing their A game! Looking forward to sharing more #SMSports content in the future!


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