Hi, friends!

Hope you are doing well today! Today, the BBWAA selected four players for entry into the Hall of Fame. On July 21, 2019, Mariano Rivera, the late Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina (alongside Harold Baines and Lee Smith) will be inducted in Cooperstown, N.Y.

If you follow me on Twitter, then I do apologize if I spammed your feeds with my Baseball – Doc – Hall of Fame related tweets! You know me, I need my daily Baseball and #SMSports fix! Sharing my favourite #HOF2019 moments below!


MO!!!! Mo, who played with the Yankees from 1995-2013, is arguably the greatest closer in MLB history was unanimously voted into Cooperstown! Mo is the only person in National Baseball Hall of Fame history to be voted into the Hall of Fame unanimously!

I may be a loyal and dedicated Blue Jays fan, but you can’t help but admire Mo and his success! He is one of the best players I’ve ever seen and honestly, I’m not surprised he got all 425 ballots, the guy is a L E G E N D!

And no surprise here, the Yankees brought their A game as always! The Yankees Social and Digital Content Team always leaves me in awe with their dedication to their brand and every single content they put out there.

The Yankees got their message across, their fans engaged with their content, and most importantly, it was creative and got the fans’ attention.


DOC!!!! I will admit, I cried as I read and watched every single Doc related content today. I can’t help but think how he would have reacted if he was still here with us. I also thought about his family at this time. It really is a bittersweet moment. You’re happy and you’re proud he’s a Hall of Famer, but you also wish he was still alive and was able to share this moment with his loved ones.

I think the Blue Jays #HOF2019 content was good. They were able to highlight Doc’s career and achievements, while sticking to their brand (the colour, the logo, Mark’s message). Not to take away from Doc’s HOF, BUT I do wish the Blue Jays social and marketing team did a little more than their usual content and do something different. I wouldn’t say the content was bad by any means, I just think it needed a little more – a little more creativity in their graphics, a little more highlights, get more of staff, players (current and previous) to share a message, or even a small interview with Doc’s family for a personal touch. I think with the Blue Jays resources, and especially as the only Canadian MLB team, their engagement should have been a little higher.

Doc also played for the Phillies from 2010 – 2013. The Phillies social and digital team not only highlighted Doc’s career, but was able to stay on brand (the colours, logo) and got your attention with that amazing graphic! The Phillies social and digital team definitely brought their A game and it is probably my favourite #SMSports #HOF2019 content!


Edgar “Papi” Martinez played his entire, 18 year, MLB career with the Seattle Mariners. I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t remember much of his career, as I was very young when he played for the Mariners. Recently, I was able to watch and read more of his achievements, and I’m surprised it took this long for him to be inducted. From what I’ve read and seen recently about his career, he deserves to be inducted earlier, but that’s just me.

The Mariners Social and Digital team absolutely killed it with Edgar’s HOF induction! From using emotion, to getting him involved with the events, to showcasing his career highlights and using current social media trends (#10YearChallenge) to engage with fans, makes them my top pick for #HOF2019 #SMSports content. For me, what made the Mariners my top pic and winner, was just them making it all about Edgar. It was personal and emotional and well deserved!


MOOSE!!!! Congrats to his family and the Yankees for having two of their former star players to be inducted together! I’m not too familiar with all of Moose’s career achievements, but from what I remember, he was always consistent and hard working (y’all AL East is hard!), never won an AL Cy Young, but was a 5 time All Star.

The Yankees Social team kept their content consistent for both Mo and Moose’s induction, with Mo getting more coverage (not that it was a contest or anything). I was hoping for more #HOF2019 content from them, but they kept it to a bare minimum. I was also hoping they added more content on Moose, as they only had one tweet on their Twitter page. Regardless, I did like that they were able to showcase Moose’s career highlights, get personal with him and stay on brand. Overall, while I do think the Yankees had the best graphics, I wished they had more and equal content for both Mo and Moose.

Once again, congrats to Mo, Doc, Edgar and Moose for their induction! I wish Cooperstown wasn’t so far away, but I will be watching from Toronto! Also, congrats to the Yankees, Blue Jays, Phillies and Mariners Social team, as well as MLB and HOF team, for delivering the best #SMSports content for fans!