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Happy Friday! Earlier this week (on Tuesday), I posted on the NINETYFOUR87 Instagram that I’m in the early stages of working on another NINETYFOUR87 project, a Restaurant/Cafe/Bakery!!!! I’m going to say “posted” instead of “announce” because “announce” is a little formal for me! 😂

More below!

This business venture is in the VERY early stages. As many of you know, I plan on pursuing my PhD in the future. While I do not have a specific timetable when I will be going back, I am working hard on ALSL and NINETYFOUR87 now, so that when I do go back to school, I am not studying/writing my dissertation and planning/starting a business at the same time, that would be a nightmare! Everything would already be planned/started/worked on/launched etc. I would only have to worry about business finances/creating new designs/employees etc., who I would have hired for their skills, to help me run these businesses. Business owners/Entrepreneurs are not always a one person job, they have a whole team working for/with them. When I pursue my PhD, ALSL would have pre-planned/written content for readers to read, as well as be my creative outlet to keep me sane and NINETYFOUR87 clothing line would have already launched. The retail store and restaurant will be opening far into the future. We’re not even close to that, they’re just plans. The retail space I plan on leasing for NINETYFOUR87 is not going to be anywhere near the size of Nordstrom at Eaton Centre. In downtown Toronto, for that location and size, that’s going to be close, if not in the hundreds of thousands per month, so yeah we’re gonna think realistically. Maybe something similar to the Gap at Eaton Centre – not too big, not too small, I can work with the layout and have the retail space on one side and the other side for the restaurant. At the moment, I think I have at least 3 seasons worth of S/S and F/W collections for NINETYFOUR87 and I’m still working on more!

Now, back to the NINETYFOUR87 restaurant! I have a rough idea of how I want to starting branding work for this restaurant and how I want the packaging to look like. Not gonna lie, this is my favourite part! (okay, maybe menu tasting, but branding and design is high on my list!) I have so many ideas that will be aesthetically pleasing for your Instagram feeds and keep you full and coming back! AHHHH it’s so exciting!!!! We’re gonna stick to the same colours, typography, but I think the packaging will be the cutest part and of course it will taste delicious! I have a binder full of ideas specifically for this restaurant and in the past year, I have a been adding to my rough draft of my proposed business plan, and will be sharing bits and pieces here and there on ALSL and on the NINETYFOUR87 account. I will be ordering a mock up of different packaging just to test them out and see if they are strong enough to hold food if we go with the grab and go option. I also received a couple of questions of what I meant by grab and go vs sit down meals/courses and cafe vs bakery. The restaurant won’t be a very large space. It will be a decent space with one side for actual meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner I don’t know specifically what will be on the menu at the moment) and on the other side, we will have a bakery/cafe. If we go with the grab and go option, you, the customer, would choose from our menu, pay and then our talented chef will be cooking up delicious food for you and you can either take it to go or sit at a table. The grab and go option would also feature freshly made food where you can come in, pick something you like, pay and go or sit down to eat. I vow to not waste food and get the chefs to only prepare a certain amount at each time, to keep it fresh and not waste food. If we go the sit down option, we would obviously be offering apps, mains/entrees, desserts etc. This is another option that we would take into consideration. On the other side, it will feature our cafe/bakery. It will offer treats, Cupcakes, Cake…. the whole lot and also offer drinks (coffee, tea, juice, smoothies). I promise to incorporate food and drinks you will want to eat and want to post on your Instagram feeds! When I asked for suggestions on what we should offer in our menu, I got a couple responses. Most were very helpful – some suggested sticking to Canadian food since I’ve built ninetyfour87 and ALSL on Canadian values, and some also mentioned that since I am a woman of colour (Spanish/Filipino/Chinese/Hawaiian), I should incorporate traditional food into the menu. I have written these suggestions down for future reference! Thank you if you sent a DM or voted on the Instagram poll, I do appreciate it! I have incorporated Canadian values in my blog and clothing line, so of course we’re going to honour Canadian cuisine, but also honour Canada’s diversity so expect goods from around the world!

And, of course, like everything I seem to do, then came the trolls. I always find it funny how much time some people have you know? I wish I had that much free time. People who follow you, but clearly do not like you, and will follow everything you do. With these individuals, I got (1) “Ur such a waste” (2) ur a mess (3) ur indecisive (4) ur a freeloader (5) ur all talk (6) everything u do is a mess. First of all, if you’re going to insult me, it’s “YOUR” nor “ur” and it’s “YOU” not “u.” Learn how to spell. Two, Don’t tell me what I can and cannot accomplish with MY life. Three, if I’m “such a waste” or if I’m “such a mess/everything I do is a mess” or I’m “all talk” why do you follow me? You clearly seem to know what’s happening with my life and what I’m up to. Additionally, I have been working on NINETYFOUR87 for years, like way before my Freshman year of my undergrad. I am not someone who’s going to put my name on anything I do not believe in, nor would I be stupid enough to spend that much on something I did not carefully plan out. NINETYFOUR87 clothing line and restaurant has been in the works for years. This is not some phase or something I pulled out my a**. I have been building these two business ventures for a very loooooooong time. I have done my research, planned/brainstormed, studied trends, financial aspects, business and marketing and more. I’m taking classes at Parson to help and guide me. You don’t just pop out businesses, you have to work for them. Plan for them. Save for them. It will take months, years for a business to come together and it will be expensive.  You have to study trends and other businesses, learn from them. Lastly, ALSL and NINETYFOUR87 is a one woman job. I do everything. I pay for everything with my own hard earned money. I didn’t ask my parents for money. Not even a dime. I did not use family money. The only money I’ve spent on this blog and NINETYFOUR87 is with the money I earn working at my job. It’s actually appalling how some people have the guts to say these things and hide behind a phone/computer/tablet and create a fake account to send someone they do not know these messages. If you don’t like me, fine, good for you, join the line – I’m sure you have a “I hate Christina club” somewhere. But don’t follow me if you’re going to hate follow. It’s exhausting and frankly terrifying how some people are/think/act. So, for your information, NINETYFOUR87 clothing line is expected to launch in 2020/2021 and there is no concrete plans when or where a NINETYFOUR87 retail store will be opening and there is also no date set for this restaurant. I also don’t know if people are just that ignorant, but you’d be naïve to think Business Owners and Entrepreneurs only have one main stream of income. Here’s a tip – they have multiple streams of income. They also have other jobs, so yes, I can still become a Scientist, do my research, publish my dissertation, run my blog, design my own clothing line and own a restaurant. It’s not gonna be easy, but I’m more than willing to do the work. My business ventures is how I’m going to support myself while in school and if I have a family at that time, that is how I would help provide for them, I can take this business with me wherever I am. You can say whatever you want and write whatever you want in my DMs or email, just know your words do not affect me. 

Anyways…. to the other people who have been following me and supporting me along the way, thank you so much! I may not know you, but believe me, just knowing that people are interested in NINETYFOUR87 and ALSL makes me so happy and I truly appreciate you all! *Internet hug* I promise you all, I have poured my heart out for this and I promise not to disappoint! I also hope to meet some of you in the future when our doors open! I am looking forward to sharing more about NINETYFOUR87!



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