My heart is broken. There really are no words to describe how Torontonians and Canadians felt today on Monday April 23, 2018. The attack that happened at Yonge Street, is not something that you see or hear about in a Canadian city. It was an unfortunate event that happened and one that made Toronto and Canadians stronger than ever. 

Reading or watching the news, there have been multiple reports of the same or similar incident happen in cities around the world. We, Torontonians and Canadians, never thought it would happen to our city, in our home, in our country. I refuse to acknowledge his name – a spineless, soul less individual who caused terror in our city. A coward who hurt innocent victims and their families. An entire city, an entire country suffered from his actions.

In the past month, Canada came together, to support, to show our love and compassion for the Humboldt Broncos and now the Toronto Van Attack. These unfortunate and very sad incidents just show how caring, loving, supportive and respectful Canadians (and our friends from afar) are. 


To my friends reading this outside of Toronto/Canada, thank you for thinking about our city, our home. Thank you for your support and praying for our city. I would also like to add that while we do appreciate our friends world wide, the few individuals that suggested that this was a terror act by a Muslim, shame on you. He was not Muslim, he was white. His spineless actions that caused the deaths of 10 innocent individuals was not because of his ethnicity. PLEASE get your facts straight before you start spreading Islamophia. I refuse to acknowledge why he did it. It is not wanted or welcomed in our city. In Toronto, we don’t have the time to spread hate and accusing innocent individuals. You see, for the non-Canadians, the non-Torontonians, here in Toronto and in Canada, we embrace differences. We’re exposed to different perspectives because of our very diverse population. Each and every single citizen, immigrant etc, help us grow as individuals. Here, we learn to respect other people’s cultures. We are open minded and we are against discrimination. We love, are kind, help and respect each other. 

Secondly, thank you to the first responders. Your corageous and self less actions helped save Torontonians and arresting the attacker without firing your weapons. Each and every single one of are heros. Thank you!

To my fellow Torontonians and Canadians, the past couple of weeks, we were faced with tragic events. These unfortunate situations helped all of us grow and appreciate each other. It taught all of us to come together, support, respect each other. This is our home, this is our city, this is our country, these are our people. We come together, we stand together, we fight together. Forever and Always, Toronto (and Canada) strong.

While it will not change the events that happened and the pain and suffering, we must help each other at times in need.

To help the victims and their families at this time, this is a verified GoFundMe Page to help the victims and their families. Any monetary donations are welcomed.

If you cannot donate monetarily and you are in Toronto or in the GTA area, Sunny Brook Hospital needs blood to help treats victims. Click this link to book an appointment! 




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