Hi, friends!!!!

Welcome to A Life She Loved and my second attempt at blogging! It’s been a crazy few months, and I finally had the time during the All Star Break to start blogging again!

A little back story to how A Life She Loved was created:

Last year, I decided I wanted to create a blog and I named it ninetyfour87. I have since wanted to keep ninetyfour87 for a clothing line I plan to launch in a few years, so I create A Life She Loved! When I first created ninetyfour87, I had no know what I was doing. Trust me, I still don’t. I’ve definitely learned a few things here and there, but I still consider myself a rookie and not a veteran, or experienced blogger. I am also a huge fan of Martha Stewart, and wanted to have my own personal space online, so I decided to start my own lifestyle blog. I’ll go into more details about starting a blog in a different post, but basically you need to get yourself a domain (if you don’t know what that is, www.alifesheloved.ca – the blog you’re on right now, that’s a domain), get yourself a hosting plan, I’m with GoDaddy, choose whether you want to be WordPress or Blogger (I think there’s more platforms, I’m honestly not too sure), make it all fancy schmancy (Gina is Super Woman when it comes to this) and voila, start blogging. Yes, you don’t have to buy a domain or buy a hosting plan if you don’t want to! Anyways, when it came down to “designing” or envisioning how I wanted the blog to look like, I had a view ideas. I don’t know ANYTHING about web design or coding or any of that. My best friend, PC does, but I wanted to keep my friendship since we’ve been friends since our childhood days and I love her, so I went on google to find a web designer. I personally didn’t want to spend thousands on a web design because knowing myself, I would change the design every few months or once a year. Later that day, I was looking at Etsy for something completely unrelated to blogging (I think I was looking at monogrammed necklaces or stickers…. I’m not exactly sure, but I know it had something to do with monograms), any ways, I thought of searching if Etsy had web designs/themes, and voila for the next hours, I searched high and low for a blog theme I liked. I favourited my favourite themes, and then when I had my top choices, I went on the sellers page, and checked their demo sites for that theme. Gina’s shop, had this beautiful black and white theme that I absolutely loved! (I used it for my ninetyfour87 blog). I kept going back to it and compared it to other themes I had earlier favourited. After a while, my heart was set, I contacted Gina, I bought my theme for her + installation and she helped me with the blog, and voila ninetyfour87.com was launched. I blogged under ninetyfour87 for almost a year, until life got pretty hectic and I decided to take a break. Me, being the very silly person that I am, did not check my emails notifying me that my domain and hosting were to expire, ninetyfour87.com was wiped clean! WAHOOOOOOO…. I’m a pretty upbeat, optimistic person (as long as I have food and drinks, I’m a happy trooper), so I didn’t let that put me down and discourage me from blogging. I loved blogging because it let me be creative. I could share tips and tricks with family and friends. I could put my energy into something else other than my personal life, academic life, and working in MLB. Late July, I had a few blog name/domain name ideas, went on GoDaddy, registered, bought my hosting plan, and started the whole process over, but this time with a beautiful new beginning under alifesheloved.ca

Yeah…. you probably did not care about any of that and I’m sorry if you doozed off, it’s all good! Also, if you did read that, don’t be like me. Check your emails friends!!!! If any of you read ninetyfour87, the only thing I’m kinda mad about to be honest, is that I had those travel guides and some posts that I so wished I had saved another copy on my Mac. But “when one door closes, another opens,” so I try to convince myself sometimes that 1. there’s a lesson in having my entire blog wiped clean (seriously guys, check your emails!!!!) 2. I can start fresh and have a new beautiful beginning with A Life She Loved!

If you have been following since I launched ninetyfour87 last year, then you know I can talk! If you know me in real life, then you definitely know I can talk 😉 If you’re new to me (Hi, new friend!), I’m sorry and apologize right now! I can be nice and funny, and then I can be pretty sarcastic. As long as you have a good humour and love to laugh, we’ll get along just well! If you follow me on Twitter and get notifications everytime I post…. sorry not sorry for all the Sports and Food related tweets and re-tweets. If you follow me on Pinterest, sorry not sorry for spamming your feed with my pins…. I’m addicted, I know.

I could go on and on, but will keep my first post short (HAHA totally failing at this), but I just wanted to give a special shout out to some special people! I want to thank my family, my friends and my favourite person for persuading me to start blogging again. I was completely burned out with work, I needed something else other than Baseball and Sports to keep me occupied. Thank you to my family, friends and to my fave person for keeping me grounded and helping me stay true to myself. This blog is a reflection of my life, from the ups and downs, happy times, laughter to sad and dark times. This blog is just more than a lifestyle blog, it’s my personal space to share my story, my challenges, to inspire, to encourage. Also, big shout out and thank you to you guys – old and new followers/reader for following my journey, I can’t wait to hear from you all! If you have a question, need advice, or just someone to talk to, I’m your girl!

And last but not least, THANK YOU SO, SO, SO, SO VERY MUCH GINA! Gina is an absolute angel! She has a patience of a saint, very hard working, nice, talented etc. woman! She answered ALLLLL my gazillion questions, had to put up with a lot of things and worked very hard to help me get this blog launched. Without her, this blog is nothing. I, for one cannot wait to work with her again for future projects! If you decide to start your own blog (send me a link, because I wanna see!!), don’t hesitate to hire Gina! SHE’S THE BEST!!!!!!!

I’ll update soon!




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