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Welcome to the new and improved A Life She Loved Blog! For the past couple of months, I’ve been working behind the scenes to improve and grow ALSL and I’m SUPER HAPPY with the results! If you’re viewing the blog via mobile or tablet, I highly recommend viewing it via desktop to get the full experience! I know this is 100% biased, but I’m in love! I was content with the layout in the previous theme I had for ALSL, but wanted to improve it and make it more reader friendly. I wanted something simple, yet classic and elegant. I was talking to a designer and coder and we talked a bit on how I envisions ALSL to look and then one day, I found a theme by a UK based company and I was hooked and obsessed! I kept going back and forth between other themes they offered, but I fell in love with the classic and simple theme that ALSL is now rocking! I was able to save thousands of dollars by getting a theme from them and as for the designer and coder I spoke to previously, I am hiring them to build a website and app for ninetyfour87 and other business endeavours I have. 




FACEBOOK I have created pages for ninetyfour87, but they will not be published until a few months leading up to the launch





 * Yes, I do have a PRIVATE Instagram Account only for Family and Friends since I already know some of you have figured it out. Please learn how to respect one’s privacy. I DO NOT have any other Instagram Accounts *









**I  DO NOT have any other Social Media Accounts. There was a fake Linkedin account that has now been deleted, so no I do not have a personal or blog Linkedin Account. I also DO NOT have a personal or blog Tumblr account.**

These are the ONLY accounts I have. I had people message me asking if an account was mine and no, they are not mine. I do not understand why someone would make a fake account or a fan account for a private citizen who does not want attention nor is asking for attention in the first place. Seriously, please, stop, I do not have the time to play these childish games. 



I was editing a travel post when I thought about having guest contributors to write a blog post on ALSL. I think it would be a pretty cool idea and will offer a new perspective for the blog. Guest Contributors can write about lifestyle related topics to fashion or sports etc. I know that some of you mentioned that live outside of North America, so writing a travel related post of where you live will be a great addition to ALSL. 



Okay, this isn’t a brand new thing on ALSL, but I have updated the FAQ page for both ALSL and ninetyfour87. I get a lot of messages and they’re basically all the same thing, so the FAQ page will have that info. For example, I always get asked if I am currently in medical school. In the FAQ page, I’ll share a glimpse of my future plans for my academic future as I am still trying to figure out what I really want to be. To all the haters and naysayers, I have never once said I was currently in medical school. I would not be able to work AND go to medical school. That’s impossible. You can not work in the Sports Industry, which is NOT a 9-5 job AND also go to medical school….


A lot of people have reached out to me about mental illness related messages, how I deal with anxiety, being bullied at school or online, asked for advice etc., and while I do try my best to reply, life does get busy and I am unable to reply/right away and give advice. I also recently started watching 13 Reason Why on Netflix last week and wanted to do something to help anyone that reads ALSL deal with their anxiety and depression.

In the next couple of weeks, you will have the option to create an account on a forum like page where you can talk, ask for advice and communicate with other ALSL readers. In a world where people hate on other people, I think this is a great way to have someone to vent and to talk to and have a online support system.


When I post career, school, travel etc., related posts, you will have the blog version to read it as is on the blog, and a option to save a PDF version and/or print it out. Every single content on A Life She Loved is strictly for alifesheloved.ca and it’s affiliated accounts and cannot be reproduced in any way. If you are sharing a post online, you may NOT alter the post in any way (ie. cropping out credits, posting a screenshot and not giving credit). Below every single post, you have the option to share the post on whatever social media platform. By clicking said social media icon, you will have the option to share the post as is without altering the content. If you think someone you know may like a recipe on the blog or can benefit from one of the study guides or use one of the travel guides to help plan their trip, you are more than welcome to share said post(s) with them. 

* Please refrain from sharing any A Life She Loved content on gossip sites. I had a couple people send me screenshots of someone sharing personal and blog content on some type of gossip board or reddit (?) or some type of social media platform (?) and it’s VERY annoying and sad how people can’t respect a private citizen’s personal life and sharing false and defamatory information. *


I’ll be posting at least 3 times a week. Topics will vary from travel posts, educational posts (starting late August/September), food posts, career posts etc. I’ll be posting Baseball-Blue Jays related content on the other days. I don’t think ALSL has a niche. I like to talk about a variety of different things and I hope everyone likes them!


Last month, I created a “Just for fun” Art Instagram account. I have always loved art and took art classes during my high school years despite going into the pre-med way. Art helps me relax and be creative. I have brainstormed some business ideas to incorporate Top of the 9th with ninetyfour87 and I will be selling prints, photography (Baseball), pottery etc., once ninetyfour87 launches! 

I also created a “Just for fun” Baseball Twitter account. My current Twitter is a mix of work tweets, so I wanted another account to post about my love for Baseball!


I really wanted something simple and classic for the ALSL relaunch and I am head over heels in love with this theme. It was important for me to stay true to the theme and also ninetyfour87’s theme. Simple, Classic and Canadian. I’m sticking with my colours, Blue, Red and White for all ALSL and ninetyfour87 accounts. I love Canada and I started ninetyfour87 before my Freshman year and plan on sticking to my Canadian values and I plan on using the maple leaf symbol for both ALSL and ninetyfour87. 


I have some more plans to improve ALSL and more news in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned!



Designer and Creative Director of NINETYFOUR87, a Canadian Clothing and Lifestyle Brand ⋆ Future Scientist (Neuropsychology) ⋆ Lifestyle Blogger ⋆ Dog lover ⋆ Carbs, Sarcasm and Sports Enthusiast

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