Just in case you needed a reminder, you are enough, don’t ever forget that.

“In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking [and being] yourself, is a rebellious act.”

I’m turning 25 this June and I’ve learned a bit from my time here on this beautiful earth. I still have some figuring out to do and still trying to find the true me.

“You’re going to get judged no matter what you do, so you might as well do whatever you want to do, as long as it make you happy” is something I love to remind myself. People are going to judge you, do what you love to do regardless what others think.

Not pretty enough. Not tall enough. Not skinny enough. Doesn’t smile enough. Not smart enough. Doesn’t wear makeup enough. Hair’s a mess. Not ethnic enough. Too busy to be in a relationship. Too this and too that. I’ve heard it. Sometimes it’s unapologetically impossible.

To quote Amy Schumer’s character in the movie, I feel pretty,

“When we’re little girls, we have all the confidence in the world. We let our bellies hang out. And we just dance and play and pick our wedgies. And then, these things happen that just…. they make us question ourselves. Somebody says something mean to you on the playground, and then, we grow up, and you doubt yourself over and over again, until you lose all that confidence. All that self-esteem , all the faith you started with is gone. But what if we didn’t let those moments get to us? What if we were stronger than that? Right? What if we didn’t care about how we looked? Or how we sounded? What if we never lost that little girl confidence? What if when someone tells us that we aren’t good or thin or pretty enough, we have the strength and the wisdom to say what I am is better than all of that. Because what I am, is me! I’m me, and I’m proud to be me!”

Do what you want, because what others think, does not matter.

ONLY do things that will only make you feel happy and be a better person.

Don’t change yourself to impress anyone, because you are enough.

Don’t change how you look to impress anyone, because you are enough.

Don’t change your interests to fit into society’ standards of “normal.”

You don’t have to be more, or be someone you are not, because you are enough.

You, being true to yourself is enough.

You are loved. You need to love yourself. You are beautiful. You are enough. You need to know you are enough.


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