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Hope you’re all doing well today! Today, I’ll be talk about the importance of blood donation! For those that read my first blog, I talked about how important it was to give blood and why donating blood is important to me. And for those that are new to reading my blog, long story short, when I was 10/11, one of my brothers was born premature. My Mom lost a lot of blood and had to get an emergency c-section. If the hospital was low on blood, or didn’t have the type of blood, both my Mom and brother may not be here today. So, when I turned 16/17, my friends from high school and I started a group to raise awareness for Blood Donation. We promoted the importance of donating blood and with the help of our teacher advisor, we were able to get clinic volunteers to do a lecture at our school and do a blood drive test to see their blood type. After weeks of planning and approval, we were also able to get students transportation to and from our high school to the nearest clinic to donate blood a few times a month. During our senior year, we were able to get our school administration’s approval to do a blood drive at our school, so that more students and staff were able to donate. We promoted the blood drive with signage, going on the morning announcements, making flyers, telling our families and friends. For a couple of days, we held the blood drive in one of our school gymnasium and were able to get a great amount of staff and students to help our cause. That was a very happy and fulfilling moment for us and we were very happy with the support.

If you are passionate about a cause like blood donation, I highly recommend starting your own club at school, getting a teacher advisor and raising awareness!



Still don’t know if you meet the requirements to donate blood? Click here to take the Eligibility Quiz!

Want to help but unable to donate blood? Click here for volunteer opportunities at Canadian Blood Services!

I remember the first time I donated blood, I was terrified! Doctor, or aspiring Doctors can be afraid of needles too 😉 Myself and the other 4 co-founders of our club drove to the nearest blood clinic and donated. The volunteers that met us at the reception area sensed we were all pretty nervous since it was all of our first time donating. They made us feel calm and welcomed and did not pressure us at all or rush us. When we were more calm and collected, she gave us our registration paperwork and after filling those out, we did the finger prick test. Not gonna lie, I WAS SWEATINGGGG!! I was VERY nervous and the volunteer/employee did not pressure me. Again, after a few minutes, I told her I was ready and she distracted me for a few seconds and next thing I know she completed the finger prick test! I started laughing because I was worried over nothing! We shared a laugh and she was cheering us on the entire time! After we filled in the registration paperwork and passed the finger prick test, we were called into different rooms individually. Again, that’s where we were asked questions about our health and lifestyle, and did a health exam. If you passed the questionnaire and health exam, you moved onto the actual donation part. It was scary at first, but the same volunteer was there, so at least there was one face I recognized. Unfortunately, I was actually the only one out of the group to donate blood due to sickness or low iron levels. My friends were in the refreshment area eating (HAHA) and making me laugh as I donated blood. I chose the seat near the TV, so I could be distracted. They were able to find a vein right away and there I was donating blood! They gave me a stress ball and I watched TV or was giggling and distracted because my friends were all watching me. After 5-10 minutes, the whole process was done! It did not hurt at all! Afterwards, I was lead to the refreshment area and was given a bunch of goodies. We stayed and talked with the volunteers and employees and we learned more about blood and they agreed to come to our school to help us raise awareness.

As someone who used to be afraid of needles, the process for me was not painful. Yes, during my first donation, I was terribly nervous, but now, it’s just like going to the doctors but you’re helping save a life. After your first donation, they will mail you a card with your name, blood type and on the back, there’s an area to write down all of your donations! This may sound cheesy, but every time I see that card, I get so happy and it truly warms my heart knowing that I helped save a life.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you learned something new! I really do hope you consider helping save a life! Especially during the holidays, there’s unfortunately an increase of accidents etc, so this is your chance to give back and give the gift of life! Want to tell your family and friends, but it’s to much information? You can share the post with them below and help spread the word!

Also, thank you to Canadian Blood Service, the American Red Cross and Advancing Transfusion and Cellular Therapies Worldwide for their help on my research!




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