Hi, friends!

 Happy Wednesday! It’s a new day, let’s hit refresh and leave the past in the past! Over the weekend, I posted part 5 of the Q & A. I had some other questions that I didn’t post as they were mostly NINETYFOUR87 related questions and wanted to answer them separately.

An individual asked “will NINETYFOUR87 be modest Catholic Grandma like or will the clothes be Fashion Nova like.” MAYBE I’m overreacting, or maybe because life’s pretty hectic and I’m tired, but I was kinda offended by this question. If I read this question correctly, this person thinks that if someone dresses modestly, you’re automatically dressing like a Catholic Grandma? And the only alternative is dressing like you’re a Fashion Nova influencer?

I have never shopped at Fashion Nova before, nor have my friends, so I don’t really know much about Fashion Nova or the quality of their clothes. By doing a quick Google search on Fashion Nova, it’s a fast fashion company and like Revolve, they take the Influencer – Marketing game to the next level with their celeb partnerships. Obviously, if you follow NINETYFOUR87, then you know it’s the opposite of Fashion Nova since NINETYFOUR87 is a slow fashion, sustainable clothing and lifestyle brand where we focus on timeless and classic designs. But just because it’s the opposite of NINETYFOUR87, it doesn’t mean I’m going to bash after it.

While it is a fast fashion brand, I have researched and studied Fashion Nova’s social media and marketing to see what I can take away from it and use that new knowledge for NINETYFOUR87. This is what I do a lot – I like to look at brands and see what I can learn from them and how I can incorporate that knowledge with my own business. With 14.9 M followers, it’s a no brainer Fashion Nova is loved by people. I took a look at their website and their products were affordable fast fashion pieces. I’ve mentioned before how obsessed I am with researching how to make NINETYFOUR87 as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. I like to read a website called, Good On You, where it rates clothing brands (is it weird to say that I’m looking forward to see how they rate NINETYFOUR87 in the future to see what we’re doing right and what we could improve on, or is that just me?). They rate each company to see how ethical they are, if they’re helping or harming the environment etc. I read their report on Fashion Nova and they rated Fashion Nova as “We Avoid.” This isn’t to bash Fashion Nova at all – it’s constructive criticism. From their website, they explained their rating.

Unfortunately, we have to give Fashion Nova a ‘We Avoid’ rating.  It does not provide sufficient information, which is why it rates ‘Very Poor’ on Environmental Impact, Labour Conditions and Animal Welfare.  On its website, it says it has a program to fund and advocate for charities that empower people, but that’s it. No details of who or what will receive funding or if any money has been allocated so far.

We have the right to know how the products we buy affect the issues we care about. Sadly, Fashion Nova could hardly be less transparent. What’s more, Fashion Nova is the prime example of the next generation of Fast Fashion brands, Ultra Fast Fashion, increasing the production speed even more and encouraging over-consumption over cheap and easily disposable products.

To have a better rating, Fashion Nova could start disclosing more information about how, where and by whom its items are produced, as well as the materials used. Transparency is crucial to ethical and sustainable fashion and is the first step towards reducing a business’ impact on the People, Planet and animals.

Yes, Fashion Nova is successful, but that also comes at a price, cheap labour (sweatshops, child labour etc.) to be able to mass produce their inventory, harming the environment and much more. In a future NINETYFOUR87 post, I’ll talk about the process of making clothes and all the energy, water, waste etc., each clothing item uses/makes.

So, I guess to answer part of this individual’s question, no, NINETYFOUR87 will not be similar to Fashion Nova. As stated earlier, while NINETYFOUR87 focuses on classic and timeless designs for all of our products to make our company as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, I do admire their social and marketing hustle. Is that hypocritical? Yes. Furthermore, we do not approve of their business and social ethics. Fast Fashion brands are successful because they’re very cheap to produce. It’s not a dig, it’s the truth. The more they are able to produce, the more money they can make, the more money they make, they can use that to produce even more clothes, sign celeb endorsements and the cycle goes on and on. Fashion Nova knows how to make their money, but, their success comes at a price to their employees, the environment. Even if you’ve never shopped from them, it still affects you since there is a lot of waste produced and energy consumed to make these clothes.

The first half of the question asked if “NINETYFOUR87 will be modest Catholic Grandma like clothes.” While I focus on timeless and classic designs for each NINETYFOUR87 product I sketch out and design, each design is made to last in each of our customer’s closets for many, many, many, maaaaany years. While we focus on classic and timeless designs, it also does not mean my designs are “boring and ugly.” I can’t wait for all of you to see what I’ve been working on next year! I tried to incorporate designs that can be worn in a variety of occasions whether it be a work setting, school setting, a night out with your favourite people, even a religious setting! It’s also 2019, women and men can wear whatever the f*ck they want! To be honest, I think what really pissed off about this question was the modest part. Did the customer mean if each clothing product will cover an individual from head to toe? If it is, then no. Does this person mean that a person has to dress modestly to be a Catholic? Girl, I’m Catholic – I’m not covered head to toe, it doesn’t make me a bad person, nor does someone who dresses modestly make them better than anyone else. Does dressing modestly really mean that you would be more respected unlike someone who does not dress modestly? Because GUESS WHAT!?!? A WOMAN DOES NOT HAVE TO BE MODEST, IN ORDER TO BE RESPECTED!!!! This is the type of thinking I don’t want associated with NINETYFOUR87. Will we have products that cover the body more? Yes, just like every other clothing brand! Will we have products that show skin? Yes, just like every other clothing brand! If you have a problem with that, that’s a you problem, not a me/NINETYFOUR87 problem. With a Canadian company like NINETYFOUR87 built on strong Canadian values, that includes acceptance, diversity and respecting others, I think it’s safe to say where I and NINETYFOUR87 stand on this topic. I’m Catholic, I went to private schools, I went to Catholic schools, I grew up in a strict Catholic household, I get it. But I can’t use my religion to shame people. What’s the point in believing in God, going to Church, praying everyday and being a practicing Catholic anyways if I claim to be Catholic, but I judge the f*ck out of others? I don’t remember that in any scripture reading…. It’s 2019, we need to be more accepting and open minded.

I mean, what’s wrong with dressing like a Catholic Grandma anyways? My Lola was one of the most fashionable people I know – she looked fabulous and was always dressed up (no joke, my Uncle would send photos and our driver would be pushing her in a wheel chair at the mall or at a restaurant and she has a blowout, handbag and jewellery in hand all fabulous and cute). I also tried to make each design as comfortable, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible – that’s not easy. If you don’t much about materials used in fashion, it could seem easy, it’s realllly, really not. It’s hard to find materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly and making sure these materials will work with the design – I think that was one of the hardest part of this entire process. I researched and continue to research to see how I can make NINETYFOUR87 as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Anyways, this is why I wanted to answer this question in a separate post because I knew I was going to rant! I may have gotten off topic (I’m sorry!!!!), but I hope I answered the question to the best of my ability!

I just want to end this post by saying that it’s 2019, let’s be more open minded, accepting. We need to stop blaming and hating on each other! More love, less hate!