Who says
Who says youre not perfect
Who says youre not worth it
Who says youre the only one thats hurting
Trust me
Thats the price of beauty
Who says youre not pretty
Who says youre not beautiful
Who says

One way or another, we’ve all been doubted. From someone close to you like a family member or a friend, to a passing stranger on the street, or maybe an internet troll, we’ve had someone tell us we can’t do it or you will never succeed, or you’re not “pretty enough” or “smart enough.” But who are they really to make you doubt yourself? Do they have the right to make you question your strengths? Sure no one on this planet is perfect, but who gave them the damn right to say those things to you and make you question yourself? Who says you’re not cute or hot or beautiful or handsome? Don’t let your self worth be defined by strangers from the internet. Don’t let these trolls let you question your self worth and make you doubt yourself.

Who says you need thousands of followers online to be dubbed “goals”? Who says you have to “post a pic” to prove it. That mentality is for little kids who have no life and are immature. You don’t have to do anything, to prove anything. Not your life, not your business, no one owes you an explanation.

Who says you have to post photos and videos of your significant other in order to be in a relationship, or be in love. I don’t know if people know this, but an Instagram post, a tweet, a follow does not mean jack sh*t. Remember, a private life, is a happy life. If you want to post and leaks things to confirm a relationship, go be in a relationship with the people you need validation from.

Who says you have to dress in designer labels to be considered a fashion icon? Why do you have to wear expensive clothes in the first place? The person should be wearing the clothes and not the clothes wearing the person – remember that.

Who says you can’t get plastic surgery? Unless your Doctor, a Professional who went to school and is an expert in this field, tells you the risks and complications and advises you not to do for health reasons, you can do whatever the f*ck you want with your body. You do not owe anyone an explanation, if you want to get something done because it will make you more happier, then why the hell not?!

Who says you have to be a size 0 to be considered beautiful? You can be size 0, you can be a size 12, a size 20 – whatever size you are, it’s just a number. Size does not determine if you are beautiful or your worth. F*ck society’s perception of beauty. As long as you feel comfortable and confidently beautiful in your own skin and happy with yourself, that’s all that matters.

Who says you can’t be an actress, or a singer, or a model, or whatever you have always dreamed of becoming? Don’t let someone dim your sparkle, work hard and do what you love.

Who says you have to have a mortgage by a certain age and have a house? Maybe you want to live in condo, or an apartment, or hey maybe a water boat, or maybe you don’t want to own a house and travel the world, do what you want.

Who says you even need another person to make you happy in the first place? Maybe you don’t want a person. Maybe you want a dog, or maybe a cockatoo. Don’t let anyone tell you, you must have a person. Come on now, save yourself the headache.

Who says you’re educated only because you have an expensive 4 year degree? The classroom does not always set you up for life. You can be smart with experience. You can be smart with the courage to try. Remember, not everyone can afford post-secondary school, or school in general!

Who says you can’t wear white after labour day? F*ck that, I’ll wear white if I want to and so should you!

Who says you have to be covered up from head to toe and not show any skin in order to be respected? F*ck that ideology! A GIRL CAN WEAR WHATEVER THE F*CK SHE WANTS, AND SHOULD BE RESPECTED, REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER MATERIALS ARE COVERING HER BODY. Made the font a little bigger, just in case the a**holes in the back didn’t see it.

Who says it’s okay to use religion as an excuse to be a bigot? F*ck that! I’m Catholic, I come from a strict, old fashioned, Catholic family. I’m not saying people in my family are goody two shoes, who could do no wrong – no, they have a belief, but they’re not using their religion to be an a** to others who have different beliefs. You can quote the bible all you want, but God doesn’t tell you to be an a** to others and judge people who have different lifestyles from you, so you can stop with your excuses. Listen, when you claim to be a “good Christian” because you preach the bible, pray daily and go to Church, but then you’re hating on immigrants/don’t want to help them/separating children from their parents, people from the LGBTQ+ community, people of colour etc., you’re a racist, a homophobe, an xenophobe, you’re just a hypocrite in general. So, next time you preach how good of a Christian you are, actually mean it and not only preach it for people that live similar lifestyles to you.

Who says you have to be married by the age of 25? I’m turning 25, exactly 3 months this upcoming Saturday, I can tell you, marriage is not happening any time soon. And that’s okay. I’m not in a rush and you should not be in a rush either. You have to stop listening to these magazines, pop culture, sometimes even your own family and friends, and listen to your gut. Would you rather be happy in a relationship and taking things slow and get married in a few years, or rush into a marriage because “omg, everyone else is getting married” and get divorced later on? Remember, life is not a competition. 

Who says you have to have kids right away after you get married and hope for a honeymoon baby? If you want to start a family right away, start a family right away, it’s your life. But we need to stop asking newlyweds, or soon to be newlyweds when they’re starting a family. Unless it’s your/his guy part and your/her girl part or if you’re doing a surrogate, or adopting, it’s not your life, none of your business.

Who says you have to have kids in the first place? Maybe they don’t want kids? Not everyone has to have kids, it’s not our life, so it’s not our business.

Who says you have to be a Doctor or a Teacher or a Lawyer or work in another high paying career, in order to be considered successful? You can make a lot of money and still be a sh*tty person. Wealth does not determine success.

I’m sure there’s a lot more scenarios I’ve missed, but I’m just saying this. It’s your life, your business. Who gives a f*ck about what people think? Do you, live YOUR life, be happy, stay healthy and be with whoever you want to be, doing whatever the f*ck you want! People just need to stop being nosy and mind their own business!

Wow, I just really went in on this post, huh! If you want to stay for the truth and nothing, but the truth, then boy, oh, boy does ALSL have more related posts dropping soon! Oh, and #F*ckStereotypes